Her Newest Hobby~

Cooking- check
duct tape projects- check
origami- check
piano- check
recorder- check
drawing- check
amazing hairstyles- check
tap/hip hop- check
nail design- check
penpals- check

Now mind you, we ARE talking about Katie-girl.
My overzealous learner.  My only request for the child is to get her basic reading, writing, and arithmetic done BEFORE getting sidetracked by her many, many interests.  Money is a factor, so we are wise with what is paid for, thus she is definitely a self-motivated student.  Dance and piano are the 2 things we chose to pay for the year.

Her Newest Hobby?










and BACK again…

Yep, hers gots the gymnastic bug.

Handstands, splits, cartwheels, one-hand cartwheels, the front limber, back limber… now attempting aerials…

~the girl may have to give up piano AND dance to pay for gymnastics IF she continues with this much interest…


4 thoughts on “Her Newest Hobby~

  1. My kind of girl! I LOVED gymnastics . . . and did it from probably 4th – 9th grade. None of my girls followed in my footsteps on that one. My favorite: the Uneven Bars . . . whipping up and over and around . . . oh.so.fun.

    Go, Katie, Go!!!

    Laurel 🙂

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