Getting the Garden Going…


We got strawberries!
Already?  usually they are not good and ripe til the end of June?
We still have a bunch more to go, but this is a great start to our strawberry patch!

We have 3 Garden Boxes:

1st box~  our strawberry patch

2nd box~  1/3 strawberries, 1/3 raspberries, 1/3 carrots

3rd box~  sugar snap peas, rainbow chard, beets, and celery.

We also roto-tilled a spot for corn~



and we have 2 more pots of strawberries too
(yes, we like them and they are easy to grow!)

Our fruit trees are looking, well, fruitful!  yay.

The apricots are abundant this year after 2 yrs of nothingness.
The pears are sparce, but there are a few.
The cherries are plentiful.
and our apples have a decent amount too…

now to wait for everything to ripen!!

Our Potato Tubs (aka garbage cans) are rapidly growing.

The other Sherry helped me to drill holes in the garbage cans for drainage…


The little spud plants grew quite quickly…

I don’t have a current photo, as this one is from a couple of weeks ago, but the can is now fairly full after adding more soil to the ever.growing.plant.  Yumm!  Can’t wait to dig for “treasure”.  I love potatoes!

Do note:  I am not naturally inclined to gardening skills. 
Quite frankly, I am quite the opposite and seem to have a brown thumb. 
I try every year to attempt…something…sometimes…. anything.
I am that the kids and I are learning so much about gardening from our neighbor (the other Sherry).
My dream is to someday own acreage where we can apply our new found knowledge!  =)

5 thoughts on “Getting the Garden Going…

  1. We just try new things every year and see what happens. It’s fun just trying and seeing what we accomplish! I’ve got my green/red peppers, red onions, and jalapenos planted. On Friday the kids and I are planting their Square Foot Garden, but it will be all seeds. It will be fun to see what pops up! Then I’ll get my salsa garden planted … lots of tomatoes, cilantro, more jalapeños (can’t ever have enough jalapenos! And we are going to be planting a long herb garden with lots of varieties of herbs. AND hoping to get some blueberry bushes and strawberry plants in the ground soon, too. Lots to do!!

    1. I’ve actually enjoyed your few posts on preparing your yard *taking mental notes for when we have our own place*. =) My current garden boxes were already built when we moved in… talk about a glorious opportunity for a homeschooler, lol.

  2. Nice job!

    Our garden isn’t fully planted yet, but I think the gardening hubby will be planting peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, sugar pumpkins (for pie) . . . in addition to the strawberries and potatoes that are already growing.

    Hope you all are doing well! Love you and miss you!

    Laurel 🙂

    1. Yeah, I tried to lean toward thing we could juice *smile*. Pumpkins would be cool! Neighbor is doing the tomatoes and kale, and I am sharing the corn… I figure that is a win/win.

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