A Week of Randomness~


Katie-girl making a all-natural candle because, well, she does random things like this.


…and abstract art, because, well ditto above statement.


along with creating a mystery-drama skit…


and trying out new hairstyles on my hair.

Not to mention homemade ice cream, duck tape portraits, and designing obstacle courses outside.

Then there is the (younger) boys~


The (little) boys with Bristle Blocks…


paper airplanes…


and rode bikes most of the week.

TJ is 16!


and apparently needed help blowing out the couple of candles we had on hand.  One of these days we just might actually have candles, lol.


We never claim to be fancy, lol, but unique might be fitting.
Yes, the younger siblings made the cake…
some wanted chocolate,
some preferred vanilla.

Dad and TJ went to a fancy steakhouse for some father/son quality time.

Today TJ went golfing with Grandpa Fred, Dad, Nick, & Katie.
It is 85 degrees today, and I do not feel left out.
Grateful to play with the (younger) boys in our air-conditioned house, yes.I.am.

One of the (older) boy’s (& Dad’s) project!


Been working on it since last summer…

looks as if it will actually run by this summer!

…and how was your week?

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