Takin’ Care of Mama~ Inspiration


and so the journey goes…


I continue to oh.so.slowly change my eating habits.  Absorbing more knowledge every day about the foods I have been poisoning my body with for years (chemicals, additives, derivatives, etc) and embracing the foods that will nourish not only my body but my mind also. 

So this week end I went on a ladies retreat.  It was wonderful.  Truth be told, I don’t always find these events peaceful, but rather more on the chaotic side w/ speakers, shopping, places to eat, things to do, etc… (ya know, all those things my lady friends like doing). 

This week end was calm.  I had roommates that were also morning people *gasp*, like as even up earlier than me!  The bonus was that they are nutritionally sound ladies.  They have some food allergies, and rave beautiful things about good food.

The lodge we were at boasted about their good quality fresh meals they offered (and catered quite nicely to my friends special food needs).  This was kind of fun because I often got a 2nd dessert (fresh strawberries on homemade biscuits) because my friends couldn’t eat gluten (or milk) (or sugar) *smile*, but in return of the favor I was willing to “try” new foods.  So I tried brussel sprouts, quinoa, and a few fancy salads. 


As for workouts, I went on 3 hikes/walks, then “helped” lead 2 zumba classes.  My dear friend is the over-achiever (and inspiring) and I am the “modifier” so the newbies to weren’t too intimidated.  After all, if I can do it, just about anyone can.


Got an opportunity to write a gratitude letter to my Lord.  so.much.to.be.thankful.for.

Was able to share with some ladies what I think my purpose is: to disciple children.

and of course God has gifted me with discernment so there were several moments this week end when I simply paused long enough to say “Are you ok?  Want me to pray with you?”  Subtle things that could have been overlooked… but God says “I care, you matter“.

I went away for the week end, stayed active, ate healthy, and came home feeling refreshed and inspired.   
Now that’s what I call Takin’ Care of Mama.  *smile*


3 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Mama~ Inspiration

  1. Dear lady,
    What a great post; praising God that you could “take care of Mama” this way! 🙂 I am not as good as you are at this… but getting better! (Yea!)
    I am finding how important thankfulness and gratitude are… paramount to my faith AND to my attitude.
    Praising God from whom all blessings do flow…

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