Prayer… pt 2

Thank you to Sammy for helping me see how vague my last post was.

By simply asking to be added to our prayer list, stating:

“Add me to your list? Not as extreme as the others but I will be just as grateful.”

I had listed our obvious list, things on the forefront.  Our “focus on the month” list.

I did not, however, share the every.little.thing.matters list.

Now with all things prayer, the most important call to prayer is to just do it:

Pray for what God puts on your heart… at this very moment. 
Pray when you feel that nudge. 
Pray when you say “I’ll pray for you” and whisper it now cuz later gets forgotten.

We do have a prayer guide that I created that helps our family put specific prayers on the forefront:

Monday- Country Leaders
Tuesday- Friends & Family
Wednesday- Youth & Men
Thursday- Parenting & Mentoring
Friday- Marriage & Finances.
Saturday- the unsaved
Sunday- Praise & Worship, church leadership.

There is also a fabulous list for parents on
31 days of prayer
31 Biblical Virtues to pray for our children.

Praying through Proverbs is also another option-
a chapter a day to ponder and pray through, each and every month.

Then there is the obvious… to simply pray what is on our hearts.

Which honestly, can become ENDLESS…

For me, such prayers would be for:

The mom who has the gift of encouragement who also needs to be encouraged.

The grouchy neighbor who intentionally parks his truck toward our house as to block our abilities to have 2 cars in front of our house (although he has his 2 vehicles in front of his house, well more like in front of ours, but with plenty of room, lol).  He thinks he’s being clever & spiteful; we don’t care, and smile.

The well-to-do couple who are struggling behind the scenes of their lives.

The friend’s whose business career is taking drastic, yet subtle changes.

The neighbor girl whose heart is for Jesus but faces contempt on the playground at recess, and fears getting in trouble with the non-Christian principal if she defends her beliefs.  Bless her heart.

The Christian couple(s) in our wee community that have recently divorced.  My heart aches at that hope that wasn’t found.

The young ladies I mentored about eating disorders a few years back, continuing to pray for God’s direction in their lives.

Katie’s penpals… and their families.

For a sweet mama whose hands are full of blessings, and inspires me.

For the young men that Fred & I have mentored, loved, and tried to guide and they just would not receive the help; that God’s mercy will reign.

For the young men that we mentor, who strive to thrive…

and these are the things just thrown off the top of my head in 5 min.

Prayer is endless. 
All things hoped for, grateful for;
all the things that are possible…
with faith in Him.

With that all said, please feel free to ask for prayer. 
Nothing is too great or too small, for with God all things are possible.

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