A Passion for Prayer~

Prayer matters.

I want my kids to know that.

As a child, I found my Savior, Jesus Christ, at age 9.  Oh, I had been to a few Sunday School classes before that, and had a “religious” Grandma (bless her heart, looking back), yet 9 is when I understood His grace.  Age nine is when I asked Christ into my heart. I prayed.  He listened.

9 is also when i began to endure many things; bouncing school to school (18 before I graduated), dark family secrets, divorced parents, self-harm, just to name a few…  but I knew there was hope in Jesus.  I prayed.  He listened.

Every time we moved (which was often), I would simply find the closest church to our house (gratefully they were Christian based), regardless of denomination (as I had no clue what that was), but I knew I would learn more about Jesus there.  I prayed.  He listened.

As a young adult, I married a non-believer because I was not walking with Christ.  We had a rocky relationship for years (8 to be exact).  We had love for each other, but we did not have Jesus.  I prayed.  He listened.

Other decisions in our married life:  kids, homeschool, bankruptcy, job opportunities, moving locations, mentoring teens, teaching toddlers, me not working, home-based businesses, etc…  We pray.  He listens.

With Christ we can be…

… pressed,  but not crushed;
perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not abandoned;
struck down, but not destroyed…

…for He is always with us.

Our Prayer Page:


We list what we are praying for.  This is this month’s list.

Pastor Saeed~  An American Christian Missionary being tortured in an Iranian jail simply for not denying his faith.  Katie and her friend created a flyer to pass out door to door in our own neighborhood to spread the awareness of how others can help him.  I love their hearts.

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl~  whom I had heard had been captured (waayyy back 4 yrs ago) but did not realize he is still in captivity, and is the only POW in the Afghanistan War.

The Romeike Family- a German family who found asylum here 3 yrs ago for being persecuted for their religious/social views for wanting to homeschool their own children.  Obama administration now wants to send them back.  really?

J.A.M.A. Ministries our bestest friends are headed to Mexico on May 15 to begin their new journey on the mission field.  Praying for them as they reach out to a whole generation of Latino children with the Gospel of Good News.

Our Compassion Kids~  We pray for 3 of them.  We intentionally choose gender/ages that relate to our own children.

CrossFire~  We pray for “daddy’s company”.  The job he has, for the company he helped get going, for success, and more importantly, that through integrity His Light can shine through.  My husband’s job is definitely his mission field.  Plenty of the lost to choose from; usually looking for answers or running from the truth.

Safety~  We pray for all the men whom work from our house.  They all work very physical jobs, often with strenuous hours.

The Boston Tragedy~ sad and senseless.  Praying for the victims, first responders, volunteers, police, behind the scene folks, and their families.  Also praying for him.  oh yes, the lost dark soul… we are to pray for our enemies; indeed he chose to make himself one of those… and we pray.

The Texas Town-  A devastation of a small town, a town much like our own.  It will take time and heart to rebuild that community.  May Christ’s peace and grace be upon those people.

Foster Care/Day Care?~  that is the question.  Frankly, I miss the wee age of littles.    So we are praying and pondering what the Good Lord would have us do.  We have opted out of foster care at this point.  We really struggle with the political behind the scene stuff that is related (and convicting for us), so unless God really swings a door wide open, we won’t be going that route.  Day Care?  I love doing day care.  I admit it.  Little people eager to learn, and play, and join our little humble adventures; I find it a beautiful thing.  but I want to make sure it is God’s will at this time in our lives and not just my want.

shhh, looking into domestic adoption.  another thing on the charts.  with the desire to possibly adopt siblings.  if the Good Lord so chooses.  because frankly, it is a crazy expensive option.  why does it have to be SO expensive when you will be investing your finances into the child(ren) when you give them a good home?  so again, only if He so wishes….

and of course we pray for the daily stuff like health and happiness.

Bryson continues to pray “to make my mom get better”.  umm, yeah, not sure how much better he is expecting since surgery was 2 months ago.  and usually a “thank you for dad that plays wiff me”

Andrew prays for Monique and Aria to have a good time in Mexico.  Our JAMA friends.  Andrew, Katie, and I are all saying good bye and good luck to our best friend, so also praying for our hearts that will miss them.  (he also prays with a request for good dreams).

Katie often prays for our days.  That God would be with us.  To help us make good decisions.

The older boys often have their own prayer time.  Something that is encouraged.  To walk out their faith, sharing their own hearts with God as they choose.   After all, how will they choose such things when they move out unless practiced while still in the home.

Fred and I have the desire to pray more often together, but reality is…
we do not do it nearly as often as we should.  <insert excuses here>  too busy, to distracted, too blah, blah, blah…

however, we do pray often.  Him in his work truck; I at the top of our stairs when all else is asleep.

because prayer matters.

We listen.  He answers.

Rejoice always,
pray continually, 
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

5 thoughts on “A Passion for Prayer~

    1. you got it! trust me, it all matters to God… the extreme to the tiniest heart whisper of our souls. Consider yourself prayed for (on our daily list). and you are a blessing to get to know~
      keep sharing your nuggets of wisdom; God cares, you matter.

  1. Sometimes, someone is led to be an intercessor for a specific person or mission or task. Such people are valuable even beyond donors. Such intercessors sometimes get a strong sense of coming danger about whom they’re praying for. They often report they’re driven to their knees to pray about something they can’t otherwise have known was happening. Sounds weird, but it’s true.

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