Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

If you are expecting juicy news on how I crack the whip on my child(ren),
a blurting out of a  lackadaisical  approach to schooling my children…

not much will be found here.  *smile*

I am a pretty even keel mom.  I have my flaws. 
I do get tired.   I do struggle with perfectionism (not just in motherhood).
I do get cranky now and then.  I do have a cluttered home albeit clean.

This particular post is about the.end.of.the.year.scheme.of.things~

Like beginning to question whether we have done enough?  Enough of what, I am not sure.  But that silly question comes around every year at this time.

And one begins to reflect back on the year.  At first glance I see a lot of indecisiveness on my part (after all my overplanning in the summer, lol).

Ancient History switched to Early American History back to World History, and admittedly is now just simply Biblical History!    Why?  Because I wanted to use Mystery of History for Ancient History (an old curriculum love of ours) but I couldn’t really fit it into our Robinson Curriculum style that we have grown to appreciate so much.  Then I had surgery and illnesses that eliminated our opportunity to have good strong approach to the American History.


So now we simply are reading Scripture.
Praying for those who are hard-pressed, persecuted, struck down…
especially this week full of senseless  tragedies.

The Curriculum push:


These 2 catalogs showed up this week…
this is only the beginning.
Many more will show up.

This is when many homeschool moms (self included) begin to plan next year!
YES, before THIS school year has even ended.
and all the homeschool vendors know it.

I am grateful that I have freedom in this area.  Admittedly, I *heart* catalog shopping.  To ponder and peruse and choose is just my kind of thing.  Fortunately, our *purchased* curriculum of 3 years ago is good for the remaining 13 yrs of schooling we have to go.   I have no real excuse to spend the money.

The Teaching Technique Twist:

Our 1st quarter always begin in the hot part of summer.
We do many hands-on projects with much momentum.

Fall Quarter is usually an exploratory time
with seasonal changes and a variety of holidays.

Winter finds us… er, lazy?
Cold morning lead us to sleep in a little longer.
Dreary days define our sluggishness.
Dark evenings drive us to read alouds and family time.

Spring!  Ah… fresh starts, new beginnings.
We begin to get up early again.
After all, who wants to waste daylight hours, eh?
Our 3 R’s get devoured quickly in the mornings
as to leave plenty of time for special interests…

like gardening, nature walks, park days, play dates, and work outs.

Testing Time:

Oregon is fairly relaxed.  We are required to test 3rd, 5th, 8th, & 10th grade.  As of recently, there has been a push to eliminate it all together.  Apparently the studies of the last 28 years have shown homeschoolers have proven themselves adequate.   I have my opinions on it all, but that would be a post in and of itself.   As it stands, I am not a fan of testing as it does not define the child’s education success accurately.  With that said, we still choose to test every single year.  Security against government I suppose.  A simple guideline of where we are at, as vague as it may be.  and at the very least, to be familiar with a testing format, of sorts, as to be interested in ACT’s, SAT’s, and/or CLEP’s.

With that all being said, I come full circle around to ponder whether we have done enough…  ’nuff said?

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