L.I.F.E. Discovery~ lessons w. the littles


To improvise is a natural process for children.

If you are without a bat… use Christmas wrapping paper!
Can’t find a baseball?  Why, use any ball you’d like!

I am really enjoying the younger kids.  Maybe because it’s bitter-sweet knowing this is my last round at it!


Last week was Letter Nn:

We learned about nightingales!

We colored them, made nests, and created cheerio birdfeeders.
We also listened to their birdsong.

For science we have been learning about the senses:

This week was the Sense of Touch:


We created a textured nature page;
soft, hard, smooth, crinkly, scratchy, bumpy, etc…

We also used the goop, glurch, silly putty, and slime that we made during Spring Break


Hands-on Math:


Counting money.


and size-sorting Katie-girl’s homemade nesting origami boxes.
There are 12 in all!  …down to the teeniest box ever, lol.

We also made cookies, went on a nature stroll, and practiced writing our last name.

Love the littles~  they keep life lively!  =)

2 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Discovery~ lessons w. the littles

  1. Thanks Robin, but considering we’ve read each others blogs for a while now, I have to admit I am a bit more unorderly this year than usual, lol. just one of those things i suppose. =)

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