April Goals- L.I.F.E. Academy


Listening to a sermon on his new I-phone while preparing to read a book~
all recommended by his oldest brother Joe.  *smile*

Life has felt like a whirlwind since Feb!  We really haven’t settled into our “normal” school schedule quite yet!
Yeah, the kids have read, did grammar, and continued math fairly regularly,
along with our read alouds, Bible devotions, and letter writing;
but nothings has been on a schedule per se.

Honestly, I feel like we have kind of jumped around a bit this year,
so I haven’t felt like it has been an accomplished year!

But know what?  That’s a bit ridiculous.

Plans can be perfect, and broken, but learning always continue on!

When I list the books read, projects done, discussions debated, volunteering, extra-curricular stuff,
I am aware that we definitely have full days!

So if you are one of those folks that check out my tab Our Curriculum 2012-2013
um yeah, thats a bit off, lol.   Only a little, but definitely didn’t follow it completely,
more like a guideline I suppose.

April Goals~


Well, we never really got American Government started, thus I am saving it for next year.
so we are back with Mystery of History, simply reading through the last quarter of it.

For April we will cover Aristotle & Plato, Alexander the Great, & Archimedes to name a few…

For those whom may come across this blog referring to our use of the Robinson Curriculum,
yes, we follow RC… in the mornings.  *smile*  Mystery of History is a fun group study we utilize in our afternoons.  We will be back to our regularly schedule RC history-biography schedule next year.  *wink*


Our garden season begins~

We will keep track of the progress in our nature journals.  This does not require a book or text.  This is definitely what you call “hands-on learning”, lol.  Now, admittedly, we are learning a ton of information from (the other) Sherry!


TJ- Not a Fan
Katie- The Royal Diaries series
Andrew- Sammy the Seal
Bryson- Nursery Rhymes (book #3 of RC)


TJ- All about polygons, polynomials, & review prime factorization.
Katie- All about fractions; review long division.
Andrew- greater than, less than; one digit addition & subtraction, ordinal sequencing.
Bryson- working on recognizing numbers up to 100.  *so I am traveling down the road where one of those speed tracking signs are… The speed limit was 45, and my speed was 46.  Bryson pipes up to announce that I was going 64!  baha, good thing he wasn’t telling a cop that one!)


TJ & Katie will apply their writing to their history lesson at hand.
Andrew is doing 1 sentence of copywork (w/illustrations) that compliments his reading lesson.
Bryson is in the beginning stages of writing.  He has his first name down pretty good, so we are now practicing his full name, and reviewing tracer pages of the alphabet.

nature walks
a science co op
TJ is taking a personal finance class, Bible study, and PE
Katie is taking Bible study, learning the recorder, and a craft class.
Hopefully Bryson and Andrew can learn the recorder from Katie, cuz honestly, we have 3 of them already, and they already go “whistling” around that house as it is.


Book of Malachi
Jesus Freak Devotional
Letter to our Compassion Children
Prayers for persecuted Christians all around the world.

(I am hoping Dad will pick a C. S. Lewis book for our next read aloud too.)

Yep, it’s gonna feel great to get back to our regular studies!


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