Feeling Blessed~

Just reflecting on my week.

I am so blessed.

My husband works hard.  Both at work and at home.
At work he deals with deadlines, paperwork, inspectors, follow-ups w/ his employees, contractors, changed pipework plans, etc… and the traffic.
At home he gets bombarded with hugs and “play with me Dad!!”,willing to go to the park when he has things to get done, restarts an out-of-gas rototiller, learns about speeding ticket of unmentioned teen son, gets other teen son to prepare for his driver’s permit, goes to DMV to get his own licensed renewed, picks up soil his wife need for her attempt to garden this year, BBQ’s steaks and burgers, helps neighbor rip a tree out of their yard, randomly gets dragged to a play place pizza joint, theological discussions with the littles, played Bible Categories with the girls, “guns” with the younger boys, discussing work.sports.fishing.cars  with the bigger boys, and will willingly prepare a bubble bath for his wife tonight.  *smile*

I am so blessed.

My children, of all ages, are so gracious.  They always flow with the changing tides of our day.  Encourage others.  Share.  Care.  Welcome whom ever and how ever many into our home, without a blink of an eye.

Today we still had our 2 house guests,
while Baby Adelaide (4 months) spent the day with us.
Neighbors (the other) Sherry, and Shelbee swung by for a bit,
along with Dustin (and his mom) joining our science experiments’.
Shane (our homeschool buddy neighbor) came to hang out,
as Mama D and the girls swung by for dinner before taking our houseguest home with them.

And all was normal for us.  =)

I am so blessed.

To have friends that bless my day.

Mama D for letting us have her kids for the week;
we love getting to know them better!

For Baby Adelaide’s Mama’s trust;
I love the bonding her mama and I have.

(the other) talented & gifted Sherry;
for her skills that complement my weaknesses.

For Angie’s faith and encouragement;
Always wise and caring.

The spunky and authentic Anna;
she challenges my perfectionism-itis.

For my preschool buddies; Shelbee and Dustin.
To listen, learn, love, and laugh!


I am so blessed.

That my life is built on the foundation of Christ.
Only through Him can I extend His love & grace to others,
and accept it back from others~


One thought on “Feeling Blessed~

  1. Amen. Grace from the alpha to the omega of our journey, yes?

    I bet I’m CS Lewis’ most avid postmodern fan. My son drank the LWW through audio at four and a half (car-schooling rocks). I invite you to take a look at our homeschooling.



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