Bloggy Friends & Spring Break


We intentionally took our spring break a week later than our public school peers


our fabulous bloggy friends to the north were headed down our way for their spring break!

Two of the kids were able to spend the week with us while Mama D spent some time with a daughter (and her friends).

Nothing fancy was planned.  Just us being us.

Lots of fellowship, food, & fun.

We walked to the park on Tuesday:


Our homeschool neighbors joined us.


We played tag…


Had a picnic…


Did “What Time is it Mr Fox?”…


and climbed trees…

On Wednesday we headed to another park:


The guys played soccer…


Shelbee and (the other) Sherry played on the swings…


Then most of the kids went with Fred on a nature hike…


While Nick and TJ hung out with me.  We tag-teamed posting pictures on facebook.


On the nature path the other kids climbed rocks, found a creek, and brought me a surprise!

Don’t they look just a little too happy to see me?
I, however, did not have a smile to return.  *wink*

We wrapped up our evening playing on the neighbors trampoline.


as Littles were kind enough to let the big kids have a turn too, lol.

Thursday was our typical northwest wet weather:


So we played board games; Life, Monopoly, and Jenga


Our *adopted* big kid came by for a bit and played a computer game with us.


Once Dad got home, we headed to Out of This World Pizza.

The pizza wasn’t so great this time,
but plenty of fun was had by all!


We wrapped up our day with a movie night, Holes,
and probably stayed up too late.

Gotta love Spring Break with fun friends!

6 thoughts on “Bloggy Friends & Spring Break

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you . . . for loving on my kids this week and for letting Mama and the Big Girls have some time away.



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