Life Academy~ Ending our 3rd quarter


Bryson learning his letters~


Andrew dong his math lesson~


Katie-girl quietly doing her schoolwork… in her room.


We are going through a Voice of the Martyrs devotional
called Jesus Freaks.  It is eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and thought-provoking.
It leads us to some great discussions, which include current events such as Pastor Saeed and the Romeike family.  I think it is important that our family recognizes that there is persecution, how vast the problem really is, and how blessed we truly are in our own lives.


Dad spent time explaining “Heaven on Earth” to the littles.

TJ has recently finished The Case for Christ (teen version).


Treasure Island


Garden boxes are ready to go.  Just waiting on our seedling to sprout!


Nature Study:

We started up our nature walk again
(I completely feel like we missed the whole winter season)


PE-  included scooters, tag, 4-square just to name a few.


and with this truly being our 1st week of nice weather,
we had fun with friends!


Andrew hangin’ with his bestie.


TJ and Shane gaming retro-style, lol.


Dad got in on some fun…

and Dustin’s mom got caught in the line of fire.  =)


We even got the pleasure of having a baby-fix.
*loved* helping a friend by watching her precious lil girl for a couple of days.
What a blessing!

We had a fabulous week!  How about you?


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