A Typical Day in the Spring

The tail end of a huge flock of geese.
The tail end of a huge flock of geese.

In the northwest, when it does not rain, we jump at the chance to go for a nature walk

We used our senses to find signs of springsight, smell, and sounds.


Since we were out and about, we decided to go by the library and check out “story time”.


I liked that although story time was for preschoolers,
they welcomed all.of.my.kids to participate in the crafts.


Andrew had no interest in picking out books, but had a great time with the puppets!


3 movies, 4 books, and $1 fine later,
TJ then took us to Dairy Queen for lunch.


Next we walked over to the local school playground.


and we got a surprise when Dad got home early from work and joined us!


TAG is always a must.


It was actually a dry, somewhat sunny day!


After we got home we continued to play outside…


with sidewalk chalk, bikes, & basketball.


typical northwest bi-polar weather…

showed its true colors…

as an hour later,

we scrambled to clean up…


And yes, ’round here fun does not stop just because of silly weather…


One thought on “A Typical Day in the Spring

  1. Oh, that looks so familiar to me! I remember that weather so well. Wasn’t there some sort of record at one point last year for only 18 hrs of “summer” temperatures all summer?

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