An Afternoon with just ‘the Boys’


Easily entertained by their own mischievousness! 

The boys thought it was the funniest thing ever to “hide” all the pillows under TJ’s bed.
I heard giggling and laughter for about 20 minutes before I went upstairs to investigate.


No clue who took this picture?  I assume Andrew.
Working with Bryson on the letter Bb.

Like the frumpy mom hair?  and the cluttered background?
yeah, just keeping it real ’round here.  *wink*


Working on tally marks and counting by 5’s.

I had no idea how much fun these guys would have going around counting things in the house!


Lessons with the Littles are going well. 

Bryson is working on 1 letter a day to get familiar with the sounds of the alphabet.  Admittedly, I have not pushed a structured lesson plan for him while getting Andrew reading.   Honestly, I wanted Andrew to “catch on” to reading before I began with Bryson.    I am pretty confident that it will not take Bryson long to catch up as it is; he is pretty precocious like his sister that way.  I always find it interesting the vast variety of ages our children were when they learned to read; 4, 7, 6, 3, 8, and probably 5.  Grateful not to have the public school define our kids success , push benchmarks, or be allowed to label our kids.  Each one has their own unique gifts as well as their individual challenges, and I am blessed to see each one grow up to be who God wants them to be~

Homeschooling… it’s a beautiful thing.

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