the beginning of our Agriculture study~


Step 1.  Make a plan.

Step 2.  Decide where we want to create our garden.

Step 3.  Pick what we want to grow.

Step 4.  Start the process on the craziest weather day possible…

We begin at the neighbors house (the other Sherry).


Starting from scratch, we use the “man power” to get the grass sod up.
The sun was shining, the air was beautiful and crisp…
it’s a great day to prepare a garden!


While the young men were sweating the tough stuff,
the littles were weeding another garden area.
Bryson loved finding the worms.


The planting of seeds begins…


The greenhouse is full of planted seeds that are ready to begin their journey to life…


We took a break for lunch…
then began again at our house this time.

The sun was gone, the wind was blowing, and the rain was pouring.
Like the mud pit called our backyard?  Not a pretty picture? I know!

We already have garden boxes.  One of which was smothered in strawberry plants.  Gratefully the other Sherry gleaned them down, and replanted the “babies”.  The other 2 garden boxes will be for our vegetable garden.


On the other side of our backyard, our apricot tree is blooming!  I sure hope it bears fruit this year!  2 yrs ago, it had one little apricot.  Last year?  Two apricots!

We pruned our trees a bit later this season, so I am hoping the other trees will still give us much fruit;
apples, pears, and cherries!  Yumm!

On the paperwork side of things:

Each child will begin a nature log to journal the gardening process.  We will also keep a “growth” chart to keep tabs on what’s growing, how well it is growing, when to replant them, and study how different watering times may improve the growth of these plants.

We will study the bugs that we find in the process, and how it may harm or help the garden.

Soil will be another point of interest.  Our natural soil in this area has a lot of clay in it, which explains the mud in my backyard, but is not garden friendly.

We will also have a sunflower contest this summer:  biggest, tallest, ugliest, etc…
Now I just gotta figure out where to plant them!

4 thoughts on “the beginning of our Agriculture study~

  1. I had a comment then had trouble signing in to post it. I wrote about your little apricot tree. You might like to study about it. It may need a second tree to pollinate and do you have any bees in your back yard? You may need to plant some flowers that attract bees. It may also need special fertilizer and watering cycle to grow good fruit. Blessings to you and your homeschool endeavor. We ar moving back into the area and I may like to come someday and visit “school” at your house. Juanita Frankamp

    1. Thank Juanita. I would love for you to come, especially to get your wisdom on our “outdoor” school. We have 4 fruit trees next to each other; the apple and cherry tree are always abundant, the pear tree is decent but have had trouble with bugs, and then the apricot tree. Bees? that makes sense although I am not sure of how thrilled my kids are with that, lol. Hope to see you soon…

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