Marching into Spring~

or so I thought. 

I went to my 2 week surgery check up and all is well.  yay.

I began my walking routine.  3 days into it and I am up to 2 miles, although admittedly I claim it as the “Sheri shuffle” cuz my legs kind of drag towards the end of the route, lol.

Then Monday came, and I was hit hard with sniffles, fever, congestion, oh my!   At first we were a bit alarmed with the fever (sign of infection) with my surgery and all, but I soon realized that many folks were dropping like flies with this also.  The downside for me is that I have no reserve energy/stamina to fight this bug going around so literally I was in bed sleeping for 3 days.  It’s now been 6 days, and I can somewhat do things around the house again, but I am slow… once again.  I am so ready to feel normal again.  To just be mom would be nice.  Ya know?  Get school done, laundry started, meals planned, chores finished… (do I sound like I am whining?  cuz I probably am).

The sun is shining this week (go figure), and I am ready (mentally) to spring up and some things done around here.  Now if my body would just cooperate…

Other news in our week:


Joe is getting ready for hunting season.  Ducks, I think.


Nick began a new career.
Yep, like dad, like brother, he too, is a pipefitter.
He began his new apprenticeship 2 weeks ago,
for another fire sprinkler company.


Here is a photo of Katie’s duct tape boots.  not bad, eh?

The child is avoiding school while mom is conveniently under the weather.  Between my 1 week pre-surgery, 2 weeks post surgery, and this week she has managed to keep herself busy non-the-less.

Duct tape projects:  wallets, purse, bow, whip, chains, shoes, boots, wreck it ralph poster, goofy poster, & tigger poster.

Cooking:  pasta, 3 ingredient brownies, 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies,  & peanut butter chocolate pie.

Origami:  rockets, boomerang, crane, swan, slapping bird, shirt, tie, fox, boat, & paper beads.

Hair Styles:  rope braid, basic bun, sock bun, braided bun, perfect bun, 4 strand braid, 5 strand braid, fishtail braid, faux fishtail braid, feather braid, french braid, inverted french braid, twisted french braid, rope french braid, and a french ponytail.  (yes, all practiced quite incessantly on me).

She is doing swimming on Mon, Wed.  Dance on Tues.  Piano of Fridays.

She is absolutely loving Thursday afternoons because she is a “mommy helper” for a fabulous lady around the corner.  Katie is desperately wanting to babysit, so we call this “training” until she is 12.    She gets to go play with 3 beautiful little girls for the afternoon.  tea party, story time, dancing… it’s all fun to her.  She also has began helping with Shelbee (the other Sherry’s 4 yr old) who admittedly is an active little thing.  *smile*

She is getting reading done.  She’s helped dad prune trees and pressure wash his truck.

Math, on the other hand,  2 assignments so far (in the past month).   O_o

TJ, Andrew, & Bryson are also fighting off the congestion & fever.  They seems to be much more resilient than I.

Preston (our extra big kid) seems to like on the job pain lately; gash on his forehead, cuts on his hand.  Tonight he came in with a injured finger that he smashed.  Who knew diesel mechanics had such a risky job?    He has a pretty busy schedule between school, the job, and a girlfriend, so I blame it on lack of sleep.  =)

Well, that about wraps up our week.  Our clocks spring forward tonight, and I am hoping for a fresh new beginning by morning! 


2 thoughts on “Marching into Spring~

  1. Okay . . . weird . . . can’t find your email address. Hope it wasn’t lost in my email account that I lost. Could you pop me an email? Do you have my yahoo or gmail address? The frontier address is no longer working.

    Would LOVE to take you up on your offer to have a couple of my kids while I take Hosanna and friends to the coast.



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