Our oldest son~


Some folks wonder what our house is like beyond homeschooling. 

I thought I would talk about our oldest son.

Joe, 24.

He moved out when he was 19.

He chose the same work trade as his father.

He is now a journeyman for that trade.

After living on his own for several years, we offered for him to move back home to save money for his future wedding.  He’s always had a bit of an independent streak, so I wasn’t sure if he would be interested, but he accepted the offer and was willing to share a huge bonus room with not only 2 of his brothers, but also our extra-big kids along the way.  Now that Grandma M has moved to a care facility, we offered him the extra room.

Joe is getting married this coming August.  Amber is a beautiful young lady that accepts our crazy family.

I love that Joe just jumped back into the family dynamics.  He plays with his youngest brother, helps sissy with her random projects, talks guns, cars, and random guy things with the older boys.


Most of all, I love his heart for God.  As a mom, you invest so much into raising them only to know that they will have their own free will to live how they want to as adults.   As for Joe, it is common, when you hop into his truck to hear him listening to sermons.    The kind of sermon where he says, “hey mom, you gotta listen to this”.   Or when he has a week off from work and he is working on his own sermon, or serving down at the church he goes to, or out helping encourage other people.  God is so faithful.  This man-child comes from a background of parents with dysfunctional families, saw dysfunction in our own family for half his childhood… yet he understands the grace of God in it all.

“A Man’s mind plans his way,but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.”
Proverbs 16:9
(Amplified Version)

4 thoughts on “Our oldest son~

  1. Thank you for posting this. Our eldest is 20 and the youngest is 12… and sometimes I wonder… I try to hope to believe, but often I doubt. I am stealing this verse ( prov. 16:9) as my own for this week,thank you Jesus. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

    1. Hi Annie,
      It’s scary, isn’t it? Did we do enough, guide enough, love enough? The recognition comes in realizing we all have free will, they will make mistakes, but overall if Christ has been stored in their hearts, they will come back to him. I’ve seen others, where the mistakes are huge, or the straying is a very.long.season, but I have also seen where they come back and it’s a beautiful thing. In all things, pray, for He knows your heart~

  2. Yes, yes!
    I know! …or at least I should…
    Having been a Christian for over a 1/4 of a century (wow am I old 😉 ) I know this, but when our kids hit a wall of disappointment or doubt or worse yet fear and sin, – it’s like I’ve been sucker punched; YOU FAILED.
    The last couple of years have been like this… and I need to keep being reminded He IS faithful!, He WILL finish what He started! because in the midst of doubt and fear those words get so quiet and far away.
    My pride (“…if you had been a better mother, better Christian, they wouldn’t…”) keeps me from sharing fears and doubts – so I am left alone with them. BAH!
    Sheri, please know I am fighting here…. I don’t just accept the lies. I just get so… tired sometimes.
    Know what I mean?

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