Safe Haven?

or not?

Well, looks as if I ponder much more when I am slowed down due to some much needed healing after my surgery.  Apparently life slows down, but not my brain.  *smile*

Topic at hand:  Safe Haven (the movie)

Pre-setting:  So, at our house we do watch TV.  some.  but we are fairly vigilant about what we let our eyes see and our ears hear.  Us, as the parents, have set our “rating” to be the same as what we expect our children to watch.  It’s about a lifestyle choice.  and our choices are picked for our family.  Some folks will roll their eyes with what we don’t allow and wide eyed with what we may allow, but we choose them prayerfully.   Honestly?  the less TV the better, but we just have not gotten there yet.

Setting:  Invited to go to the movies with some lovely ladies from church.

Info:  I really should have looked up the reviews for the movie before I went, much like we do for the kids before they go.  But I didn’t.

Knowledge:  All I knew is that it was about escaping domestic abuse.  I thought “great, a movie that shows this tough subject and how to get out of it”.  I did not know it was a twisted love story.

Reality:  I am not desensitized to s*xual content or language therefore it becomes uncomfortably wrong for me.

Problem:   Besides cringing at my Lord’ name used in vain (yes, this bothers me) was the “mild” sex scenes.  Which is what the parental ratings say (that I read after the fact).  Indeed you only see her back, but the action and connotation is there.

So what is the problem?:  Besides that is just feels wrong “watching” someone else do it (love scene), what really disturbed me was the idea behind it.  (hear come the eye rolls of the world, lol)  Why do you HAVE to add a s*x scene to a somewhat decent story line?  because it sells; yes, I know!  But what bothered me… to the extent of telling the young lady next to me “cover your eyes, they are not married!”.  She smiled, but I was serious.  and my stomach turned more as they glorified this love story with the knowledge that she was a married woman, just not to him.

Conclusion:  So although many people think it a beautiful love story, a fabulous movie, etc…  I am left saddened by the world’s standard of love.  Not surprised, mind you, just sad.

So do you often see movies or shows and think “wow, that was a great movie…except for _____”     So, then, was it really a good movie?  Is it easy to gloss over the trash?   I know we (as in my family) have to be purposeful in our choice so that we don’t desensitize ourselves to the moral standards of the world.

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, in order to prove by you what is that good and pleasing and perfect will of God.

One thought on “Safe Haven?

  1. Another GREAT post! You’re on a roll. 🙂

    I, too, am so, so saddened by the types of “entertainment” that so many Christians think are “okay”.

    Language, Immodesty, and Sexual Implications (even if not much is shown) . . hurts my heart and mind.

    Jim and I have made 3 exceptions to our “No R Rated Movies” rule, and one was just this month.

    1st Exception: Black Hawk Down. Our son was serving in Iraq at the time, and he told us that the most realistic movie of the life he was living was this one. We rented it and watched it with our 2 older teens. It truly gave us insights into Gregg’s life, and showed us even more clearly how to pray.

    2nd Exception: The Passion. Well, yes, the crucifixion is pretty gruesome and “violent” . . . but it was an amazing movie. Jim and I took 8 or 10 teens with us (with their parents explicit permission to go to an R rated movie).

    3rd Exception (on Valentines Day, no less . . . so NOT romantic): Zero Dark Thirty. Again, a war movie. I am so NOT into “war movies” for the sake of war movies, nor violence for the sake of violence. But, again, my #2 son is now in the military. He will soon be a pilot, flying into these types of situations. This was also the true store of finding (and killing) Osama bin Laden. It was a POWERFUL show (especially as a military mama).

    We have not watched television in our home for 22 years. We do watch the occasional video of some of the tv series (detective type shows are our favorite). But, I will physically cover Jim’s eyes if anything immodest or sexual comes on the screen. So frustrating when you think you’re watching a “good show” and something like that pops up unexpectedly. Ugh.

    Keep pondering. Keep sharing. Keep challenging each of us.

    Love ya!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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