to look back on our week.


Generosity and kindness~

An abundance of good home-style meals from a multitude of friends.  Yumm!



When mama is slow, school adjusts.  

Kids do puppet shows.


Play hospital.

Do origami.

review math.

Play in the rain.

Write to penpals.

Discuss current event.

Play golf.

Notice signs of spring.

Watch too many episodes of Duck Dynasty because it makes mom laugh.

Life Skills~

The kids grew up while I was miserable for a week.   I have always been fairly lenient with chores.
If I ask, I expect, and they do; but admittedly, I do most.
Now, thanks to Dad, they clean up after themselves much more efficiently;
and they take out the trash when it’s full :^o
and take care of their own dishes and trash,
and help me when they see the need.

Other things pondered~

I missed Valentine’s Day.
with my kids, with my preschoolers, with my science co op, with my church preschool buddies.
I had saved up all sorts of cute and fun things, and the holiday came and went past me-
Silly, but I feel like I missed out.

I also missed the beginning of lent.  Something I wanted to do this year; every year actually, but I don’t ever quite get there.  I decided to reflect upon the days leading up to Easter anyways.  Finding ways to share the love of Christ; to pick a fast, to give more, to pray often.   All the while being grateful for what’s right in front of me…

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