When Life Throws You Stones…

Have them removed.

So, I am up & at ’em again after surviving a random gall bladder attack.

Actually, looking back, this was not so random,
I just didn’t realize what it was all the times before…
flu?  ulcer?  just.don’t.feel.well.

This time there was no guessing.

Wednesday night– 8 hr gall bladder attack
Thursday evening– began again, and continued…
Friday– trip to ER, tests ran to confirm many gall bladder stones, only to be sent home in more pain w/ meds.
Sunday– Thursday evenings attack finally subsides Sunday evening.  Mind you I tried to sleep through the pain the whole entire weekend w/ no food, minimal water.
Monday– Husband looks into surgeon’s in the area.  I am still weak and pitiful.
Tuesday– back to ER, dehydrated, same tests ran.  This time the gall bladder is inflamed, thickened, and all the stones are at the opening.  I am admitted to the hospital.
Wednesday– Gall bladder bursts while being removed.  Poor folks in waiting area expect this to be less than an hour procedure; turns out to be 2 1/2 hours instead.
Thursday– get to go home.  a slow but steady recovery, phew!

So, while I was completely out.of.it for an entire week,
I have to look back and be so grateful now.

The biggest gift through all of this is knowing that my children were doing OK: 

*To know that they all get along well
*The older children know how daily life flows
*They can work around Andrew’s quirks and Bryson’s meltdowns and Katie’s busyness.
*I was confident that they could look out for one another.

Another gift was friends:

Anna took one look at me on Thursday and dragged me down to ER, left me w/ my husband, and went back and fed my kids dinner.
Some bloggy friends, specifically Laurel and Kathi, checked in on me.
Wendy swept me off to the ER again on Tues. and stayed with me until after surgery.
Sherry (the cute one) cleaned the entire downstairs of our home, and took my older kids to co op classes.
Angie swung by the hospital before surgery to comfort and reassure me.
Monique swung by during my recovery to help me on the road to healthful eating once again.

Family was also a gift:

My mama came and spent the night with me at the hospital after surgery, and stayed an extra night at our house.
I don’t care what anyone says, one always needs their mama.  =)

My cousin, Faith, came down after Mom left to help me around the house while my husband went back to work.
She knows me all too well, and knew I would not ‘take it easy’ without some prompting.  Gotta love cousins.

My husband.  oh.my.goodness.  He played Mr. Mom so well, he made my job look easy!  This is the man who has never done any laundry all the 20+ years we’ve been together.  He cooked, cleaned, did laundry, played with the kids…  The 2 melt.my.heart moments was;

1.  He washed and remade our bed beautifully.

2.  He cleaned the office!  I wish I had an “before” picture.  We have 3 rather large desks in medium sized office.  No desk top space was available.  Stacks of paperwork, books, notes, junk… you name it, it was there.  It was a clutter.catch.all room.


My kids received a random mid-winter break.
We are getting back into the routine of things.
I am ready to enjoy our days again.

Anything happen for you lately that gave you a fresh perspective on your life?

6 thoughts on “When Life Throws You Stones…

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Take it easy, and don’t push “back to normal” too quickly.

    Thanks much for letting me know what was going on so that I could be praying for you. That’s what friends are for.

    Hugs & Prayers,


  2. Sorry for your illness, glad to hear you’re feeling better, and will pray for complete recovery and a smooth transition back to normal.


  3. Again, so wish we were physically closer, sweetie!

    So glad that Fred, your kids, your mommy (fully agree with you about that), your friends were so wonderfully helpful, though!

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