Homeschool; enjoying the basics


The next couple of weeks have a different twist to our schedule.

One: our homeschool pals, Shane (14) & Shelbee (4), went on a 10 day cruise with their parents.
Two: I am working 15-20 hrs per the next couple of weeks

Not wanting Shelbee to miss out on our letter-of-the-week activities, I opted to do some themes with the littles instead.

So I opted for Angry Birds
because, well, I have 3 young boys who like Angry Birds.
How I was going to pull this off as a ‘learning lesson’ I wasn’t so sure about.
but then HOMESCHOOL CREATION came in my inbox *cheesy grin*

Boo-ya!  preschool AND kindergarten activities;
perfect busywork for the boys!


Then it got better;
ie my own creativity kicked in, lol.
Since I had already discussed geometric solid with the kids;
the sphere, cube, and cylinder,
the egg then became the logical next step, right?
an ovoid to be exact, or an oval if it is one dimensional.

And since we had been discussing primary colors last week,
it was quite fitting to have the boys each color a different bird;
Big Red is the red one,
Splitter is the blue one,
and Speedy is the yellow one.

Robinson Curriculum and the older kids

With me gone a bit more, the older kids obviously have more responsibility.  Monday was kind of cool cuz even my firstborn (Joe 24) was home while I had to go to work.  The older siblings tag-teamed Andrews lessons for me.

Katie 11 did reading lessons with him.
TJ 14 checked his copywork.
Joe worked alongside him for math.
Nick, well, Nick played games with him after he finished his lessons.  =)

As for Katie and TJ’s own schoolwork we are in the traditional RC style;
read, write, do math.
Ahh, I so love it; quality content literature and chaos free days.

We have dropped the afternoon extras,
except for picking back up our “trilingual” routine;
French, Spanish, & sign language (does that count as a 3rd language?  lol).

We are actually focusing on bringing the littles up to where we are,
aka convenient, adequate review for the rest of us.

What I would really love to have is this:
Flip Flop Spanish- Family

We already have their level 1 package for both Spanish and French, but that is quickly devoured in a couple of months.  The new package is suppose to be a 2 yr process.

Anyways, here are the other resources we use for our Foreign Language:

French & Spanish;
Tell Me More which we originally purchased from Homeschool Buyers co op at a fabulous discount.

Sign Language;
Signing Time
100 First Signs

So basically, whatever we are learning in Spanish & French we are applying sign language to it;
alphabet, greetings, feelings, clothes, colors, etc.

I don’t know if we will ever be fluent in any of them;
English seems complicated enough don’t ya think?
but we will have some fun while doing it!

4 thoughts on “Homeschool; enjoying the basics

  1. I’m a linguist, so naturally, I’m all for teaching/learning lots of languages, but I have to admit that I was surprised that you’re teaching 3 at once! It sounds so . . . ambitious! Is that part of a particular curriculum or philosophy or just a personal choice? Just curious! And even if y’all don’t become fluent in any of them, I think it’s great for kids to be exposed to different languages and it will likely help them learn more about English in the process. Good luck 🙂

    1. *giggle, snort* no rhyme or reason, just happened upon it. 😉
      Definitely not ambitious; very s.l.o.w and methodical, lol
      We had a 2 yr hiatus by moving out of our hometown (
      in which my s.i.l. gave us French lessons for those 2 yrs. Currently we have family friends who are moving to Mexico, so we thought it would be beneficial to learn Spanish.
      French is hard, Spanish not so much, lol.
      Sign Language was offered at our science co op which in turn has become beneficial as I know a little guy who can hear, but can’t speak well (thus he uses ASL) and a sweet down-syndrome girl in our children’s ministry that responds well to signing.
      Admittedly, French has little use in our lives, just kind of fun to know. We have a plan to go to a Mexican restaurant and speak French while we are there; the kids find that an amusing concept, lol.
      What languages do you know? and how did you become interested in it?

      1. I have been interested in different languages ever since I can remember. I think my interest in it was sparked by missionaries . . . when I was young, my church would have missions conferences and there would be various booths set up all around the gymnasium and I was fascinated by the different places and also the languages they spoke and then as I got older I became interested in Bible Translation . . . but I also have an interest in speech in general and even considered speech pathology. But I knew the Lord was leading me into missions. Anyhow, I learned French all through elementary and high school (Canadian here), then I took a year of Latin in high school. I tried to learn some sign language as well but without anyone to sign with it was futile. In University I took Biblical Greek & Hebrew, and in my linguistics courses studied tidbits of various languages (for the purpose of studying their structures or various phonemic sounds that don’t exist in English, etc.) . . . I also spent a summer in North Africa and learned some Arabic while there. All that to say that the only language I can actually speak well (besides English) is Mongolian . . . it’s very difficult to really learn to speak another language unless you are immersed or have real-life encounters with it. Good luck with all your languages – maybe if your children continue to be so keen on learning they may enjoy a study abroad program or short-term mission some day 🙂

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