What Does Mom Read?

Especially when it comes to a homeschool family,
do you ever wonder what the mom reads?

I do. 

A few of my fellow homeschool mamas read what I would consider very rich literature.   Eloquent and intelligent and thought-provoking stuff.    And I am in awe of their discipline to find time for such things.

Can I admit that I find simple, yet complete satisfaction in reading books alongside my children?  We steer clear of twaddle past the phonics stage.  I find the Robinson Curriculum to be a great guide in classic literature.  Some of the books are a blast from from childhood reading; some are ones I have never even heard of.  We don’t limit our reading list to the RC list though.  Laura Ingalls Wilder and CS Lewis come to mind for books that I don’t want my kids to miss out on.

But all that doesn’t tell you what “I” read, eh?

I have very little time to read to my own interests, but I do make it a goal.

Here is my list for this year.

Interest #1:

Aspergers’s Syndrome~
To reread…
The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide by Craig Kendall
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children w/
            Autism Spectrum Disorders by Zysk

Interest #2:

An Easy Start In Arithmetic
A Strong start in Language
A Home Start in Reading
Teaching Primaries
You Can Teach Your Child Successfully
Parent-Teacher Guide for the Original McGuffey Readers
all by Ruth Beechick

The Self-Propelled Advantage by Joanne Calderwood
ok, so I devoured this when I received it last fall as a gift from Mrs C herself.
Now I want to go back through and take mental notes  *smile*

Interest #3:

self-help, spiritual~

The One Success Habit You Can’t Do Without by Fred Lybrand
I am a self-admitting list-making perfectionist so I found this book about organizing myself to be thought-provoking.

Perfectly Unique by annie f. downs
Originally purchased for my daughter to accept her changing body in a way that would praise God by recognizing His specific plan and purpose for her life… we began to read this as a devotional-style nightly read… and I, myself, am beginning to slowly understand my own worth in the process… who knew, eh?

Do You Think I’m Beautiful? by Angela Thomas
A hard book for me to mentally swallow.  To seek the truth about beauty while undoing the damaged tapes of my own childhood.  Tough stuff, and this is round 2 to attempt reading this.

Unglued, Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa Terkeurst
ba-ha-ha… our newest read for my women’s Bible study.  Oh joy, emotions at its finest… I can already tell I am going to fail at this miserably.  You see, I have this really bad habit to laugh when emotions dig too deep.  Call it my survival mechanism of sorts.  It saves me from drama, but can really offend others… pray for me will ya?  ;^)

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
*sigh*  I have resisted this beautiful book.  When everyone was on the band wagon counting blessings one by one, I resisted the “fad”.  It is the most beautiful concept, I just resist popularity, which is what I first impressioned.  (everyone’s doing it, right? lol)  So I now admit I had followed Ann’s blog through the journey, and I have had her book for over a year now, and I even know how truly ‘real’ she is via her being good friends with a sweet friend of my own.  So I humbly will crack open this book and accept the gifts as they come…

What do you read?  How do you make time to read?
I’d love to know…


15 thoughts on “What Does Mom Read?

  1. Seems like I didn’t read anything for the longest time when my kids were little . . . now they are 3 & 5 and I have a little more time for it . . . I’m with you – I enjoy reading with my kids. I love the read-aloud stories we are doing for the Sonlight K curriculum. As for me personally, I discovered Jen Hatmaker this year and loved her book “7:An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” and now also have her devotional called “Out of the Spin Cycle” – she is both humorous and inspiring. I’ve also recently read “Sacred Marriage” – a must-read for all married couples (in my opinion!) 🙂 I also like a good mystery/suspense thriller when I can get my hand on it. Happy reading!

  2. I rarely make time to read as well. Plus, the only time I can find takes me away from my husband and he’s not keen on that. 😉 So, when I’m sick or down for the month, I will get a novel from the library. I recently was in bed for a week with the flu and read Sense and Sensibility because I’d never read it and had seen the movie. Otherwise, novels must be spiritually uplifting for me to give them a look.

    1. I agree, I find that reading (especially novels that I can’t put down, lol) takes too much time away from my family, so I too have to be choosy on the type of book and the timing! 😉

  3. When I just had my first child (almost 11 years of her being an only child), I would read non-fiction all the time and found it invigorating. Now, with two and another one coming, if I read anything I don’t -have- to, I have been picking up Young Adult Fiction. *blush* I enjoy the easy reading and not running into a random love making scene! hehe. Honestly, Hunger Games got me started, as I had to see what all the hype was about, then I moved on to reading Lois Lowry books. I’ve tried to pick up non-fiction again, but I’m just so fried, I can’t take in anything of importance at the end of the day.

    1. Young adult fiction is great for a busy mom; light yet interesting. Although when it comes to the library, I have to say it is much a disappointment in our wee town as atleast half is vampire style related. I know it’s the fad… but really, good grief. Sense and Sensibility has been on my want.to.read list… maybe this summer…

  4. i’m perfectly, splendidly happy to read along side my kids. the end.

    are you really going to read 1000 gifts?! i’ve tried and tried. but i’m still uncool. … but counting anyway 🙂

    PS … i used to be proud of my library patronage. but i completely agree with you on the fact that they are mostly disappointing in every genre anymore.

    we’re using our kindles way more (sigh), and i’m beginning to agree more and more with my fellow AOer homeschool moms, that older (they say pre-1950 means better)

    *and* BOO! to all those scary vampire book covers. gee whiz!

    love you. MISS you.

    1. *giggle, snort* lol, we are waayyy to much alike. Robinson also promotes older books… and yes, the more I read the more I agree. and honestly, will our kids really miss out not to read about vampires, witchcraft, how to be cool, or the ridiculous ways to disrespect parents and family (that I find the newer kids books, subtly or not, promote)… off my soap box now, lol.
      love you to pieces Kathi! =)
      ps… where’s my post about organizing books? wishful thinking? ;^)

  5. Yay!!! You finally are cracking open Ann’s book! I told you it was good…but challenging to read.
    I am reading, “The Passion Of Jesus Christ” and “Desiring God”, both by John Piper…one I found last night at the thrift store for $.99! (Just cannot pass up a good book for ninety nine cents!
    Then there’s “The Story” because our whole church is going through it together.
    I just finished, “Know Why You Believe” by Paul Little because the boys had to read it for their class…great book, but so dry to them. I really enjoyed it, despite how ‘dry’ it was.
    I suppose next week I’ll find another great book just laying on the shelf and tell myself I need to read it…get through a few pages and go back to the Piper books! I do that kind of thing…
    I’ve picked up and put down several times….Made to Crave…sigh…menopause is my excuse, but it’s probably that I just do not want to change…but I do…ahhh!
    Well, that’s the lowdown on me.
    Thanks for sharing your list.

  6. I love to read- I read a variety including the fiction “mind candy” stuff just for fun. Great post and your book goals look good. I rarely read the popular books when they are a fad – just can’t do it when everyone says “you just HAVE to read this”- lol. Same with movies!

  7. I am usually reading something inspirational, or a Bible study of sorts. Right now it is Becoming a Titus 2 Woman by Martha Peace. However, I will admit, I like to read novels by modern artists. I like to read the books that will be made into movies in the upcoming year. I don’t like to see the movies, but I usually find that the books are really good. I have struggled with the no-twaddle theory of reading by CM, but find, instead, that I just want my kids to read. And if they are reading willingly, then I am happy … even if it’s Captain Underpants. I want long-time voracious pleasure readers. It enriches me life so much.

    Anyway, I know I am certainly of the minority in reading the other comments, but I thought I would just be real! 🙂

    That being said, I hate smut … no 50 Shades of Grey for me.

    1. Fun(ny) books are ok too. I find that at the earlier ages, silly books are beneficial (like captain underpants), and as they mature they can approach the more difficult books with the rich literature content. I find that I enjoy youth books (like Little House, or Dear America series). yeah, no smut here either, lol; sometimes us moms have to go against the stream eh? *wink*

  8. And when you read all the typos in my comment you probably think maybe I should put down the twaddle and pick up some good quality literature … LOL!!! Oh my gosh, that just made me laugh. Sorry! (And I am a total grammar freak, so it makes it even more funny.)

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