L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 19

Like that?  dwindled on my updates during the holiday season~
so viola, here we are beginning our first week of the 2nd semester!


Why does it always feel so busy when one is trying to get back on routine?

I am relieved that attitudes have been good while we adjust to the earlier mornings once again.  Nice, indeed!  =)

History was our biggest hit this week.


In the words of Shane,
“This is way better than public school.  Who knew you would get a day to play with matches!”


Nick even joined in to help as we created our coffee-stained, charred-edged Captain’s Log.

…and just so put skeptics minds at ease,


water, and a fire extinguisher were on hand.  *wink*

We learned about provisions needed and the reasons explorers risked the adventure at sea.

We made spice cookies  as we learned about the spices of the Orient.

We spent a day practicing our skills at knot tying.  This was great, not only to understand the abilities of sailors of those days, but how knots would be beneficial to survival skills nowadays.

Our  writing assignment for the week was a success too.  It has taken 5 months to get a rhythm down, but I feel confident that all the older kids (TJ 15, Shane 14, & Katie 11) will all have the ability to write quality essays at the end of the year.  This is something we have lacked in our studies, so I am grateful to see progress.

Admittedly, math was a slower start, as was the flow to our fine arts.    Reading and grammar were fairly methodical, which is ok.  Some weeks are stronger on some subjects than others, that’s the way learning happens at our house.  =)

How was your week?  Did you face any adventures of your own?


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