April 20, 2010 173

My word of the year.  LISTEN.

to simply listen.

Somehow when the days get busy, and life gets messy,
‘doing’ takes over, and relational things get set aside.

As I thought back to my own childhood of chaos & confusion,
the one constant steady I did have
was that my mom always listened.

To listen matters.
to know you’ve been heard makes a difference.

Husbands need to be heard.
This is the easiest to set aside when busy because lets face it,
guys are not much of talkers (well, atleast mine isn’t).
Yet I want to stay in tune with my husband.
I want to know how I can pray for him,
how I can be a blessing,
how we can compliment each other for God’s purpose.

Children need to be heard.
~ to focus while they try to communicate more clearly.
~ to be patient while they tell an overly drawn out story.
~ to smile when they repeat the same knock-knock joke 50 times.
(ok, so it feels like 1000 times when the same jokes go through 6 children, lol)
~ to be available for when an older child opens up.
~ to accept failures & rejoice in ah-ha moments of their lives.

Friends need to be heard.
not judged.
not compared.
not envied.
not used.
not taken advantage of.
not overlooked.
To take a friend as is~ to listen, accept, encourage~
that is what we are for.

Strangers need to be heard.
Smile.  listen. care.

God needs to be heard.
or better yet, we “need” to hear God.
To slow down, exhale, & embrace His Truth,
to acknowledge His Word,
& accept His Love.

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. James 1:22

’nuff said,
now listening…

2 thoughts on “~listen~

    1. Yes, we often cross midnight paths, lol.
      Indeed you can repost. I can’t seem to leave comments on a few blogs (yours included) lately, but do know that I am proud of the tough topic you have been sharing. we, too, have been affected by many relational issues around us in the past year… time to start listening, eh?
      love you~

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