Do Words Matter?


Christmas is an interesting time of year.  One full of hope, yet smitten with chaos.

a purpose for joy…

Yet how many struggle through this season?

I have made a point to reach out to others this year.
An encouraging word, a simple hello, a listening ear.

A few of my friends are going through different marital struggles;
I want them to know they are valued, that I am praying for them,
basically that I care.

Other friends/family have suffered loss and this year brings up memories;
I want them to know their loved ones have not been forgotten,
that they themselves are a gift to me,
basically that I care.

Some struggle financially this year;
Although we don’t have much ourselves,
I still want to reach out,
share… care.

What words can we use to let our friends know they matter?

What can we say to a stranger who needs to know His hope?

These are the things I ponder this season…

and then a simple statement is thrown my way.

A casual comment that stopped me dead in my tracks.

An opinion about me.

Uh-huh, they can’t be serious?

Was it a flippant comment?

Or do they truly view me in this way?

I don’t take the words lightly…

for if they are true…

I am completely saddened.

Clearly I need to reflect on how to change not only this image of me,
but what caused this view in the first place.

Apparently, words do matter.

7 thoughts on “Do Words Matter?

  1. So sorry that you have been hurt by someone’s flippant words.

    So thankful that I have a friend who prays for me when life is hard.

    I will pray for you, as well.


    Laurel 🙂

    1. you are so sweet to assume the words were flippant, but I take it as a point to be more aware of what message I may be giving. Thanks for the prayers, the enemy definitely can sneak in and make us second guess ourselves, eh?

  2. Saddened by anything that hurts you. I consider you a treasured blessing. You nurture beautiful children (and not just yours), you love and value Fred, and against heart rending odds you cared for my beloved Michele. I pray for you and your family daily….and I love you always. Julie Orr

    1. Julie, Thanks for your precious words. You and Jim have such a special place in our hearts! Things, such as words, can make us more aware of how we can lift (or tear down) one another. Prayers are always appreciated. =)

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