Ornaments anyone?


We have set aside our traditional school days this week in place of some FUN activities!

Ornaments top our list…


Paper ornaments to adorn our classroom door.


Just to keep things real, this is often how our schoolroom table looks…
active & occupied!


Cinnamon dough ornaments to add a festive scent to our classroom!


A Santa felt ornament~ we don’t ‘do’ Santa at our house, but I got admit he’s kinda cute.


A decoupage glittered styrofoam ornament, because,
well, a mess is required in preschool, right?


A popsicle stick star ornament ~ as we reflect upon the Star of Bethlehem.

And some other random things we made:


Our popcorn & cranberry garland~ I found this one fun to do!  =)


Dad taught us how to use an awl…


The big kids made candle holders,
the little kids made pencil holders.


Our preschoolers!
Our Bryson on the left, then Shelbee & Dustin.
Hard at work with their color page!

and I know you are dying to ask…
what’s up with Bryson’s head garb, eh?
That would be his new ninja fashion statement,
courtesy of Katie-girl.

Hey, what can I say…
We love being a homeschooler!

I am so grateful that we can work at our own schooling pace,
that we get the chance to set aside chaos,
and take the time to focus on this precious season…


Not only did we do crafts this week, but we made sugar cut out cookies, played Secret Santa several times (wish I could come up with a clever Christian synonym for that, but I am not that creative, lol), finished our Christmas cards, made a few batches of fudge,  wrapped presents, discussed the tragedy of Newtown and the importance of being the Light for others …

admittedly, the house is a bit messier than I like, the finances a bit tighter than we prefer, and are working at not letting the normal stress of this season seep in…





A purpose to reach out and let others know they matter…

So who are you going to reach out to?    Shine on, and share His love~

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