This season is all about giving, not getting.
Regardless of your financial status, one always has something to give.
A smile, a hug, your service, and most importantly, your prayers.
Christmas may be Jesus’ birthday, but he was a gift given to us;
we should be mindful to pay it forward in our own lives.
~ my most recent facebook post.


Does anyone else struggle with the whole gift-giving process?
Truly, I try to eliminate the turmoil early on.
(turmoil, what a sad word to use during the Christmas season, lol)

I shop early, beginning in July.  Financial stress is the #1 joy-kill of this season.
I check with extended family/friends on what kind, if any, gift swap works best for them;
draw names, family gift, kids only, etc.
We will continue of newest tradition of recent years
and stay with the 3 gifts per child to represent that which the Christ child received.

I know what the world, specifically our States, say about Christmas.
Go big.  It’s all about the gifts.  Make your kids happy.  Fill those wish lists!

I want to go big… big with hope!
I want to give gifts… from the heart.
I want my kids happy…more importantly, I want them to experience joy.
Does filling those wish lists give our kids hope, heart, and joy?

Let’s face it, the Christmas season is busy.
Shop, sort, wrap, schedule or attend parties, throw in making cookies and doing Christmas cards, AND continue to keep our regular scheduled routines rolling…

I appreciate the beauty of homeschooling, especially this time of year.  We can adjust our schedules, slow down, and embrace the more important aspects of this season… giving.  Giving of myself to them. 

Making ANGELS and sharing the glorious news that the angel, Gabriel, gave to both Zachariah and Mary!

DSC_0343  DSC_0347

Listen to Christmas music.  Share the JOY of the Lord.


Help Andrew write a Christmas letter to his Nana,
while Katie writes to her Aunt Chanelle in French.

Meanwhile, I am pondering my own Christmas letter to send out with our cards.  With this blog and facebook, most people are already up to date with the here and now, so I am now wondering if I should continue that traditions (?)


Creating ornaments.  Preparing gifts baskets to ding-dong ditch bless others.


Making fudge!  My kids beg til I make this family favorite.  This year I am letting TJ get the honors of blessing our family with this smooth, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

We are also going to give out candy bars & CHRISTmas cards to random folks we see;
mail carrier, the salvation army bell ringer, the librarian, a teen walking down the street, etc..

We are out to spread Christmas cheer!
To share the Good News for all to hear!

at least that is our goal.  *smile*

What are your favorite gifts of the season?

One thought on “Gifts

  1. Sounds wonderful Sheri and your fudge looks good. We also do the three gifts each representing the wise men bringing their gifts. It has made it so much easier on our budget and with the kids not expecting more. I am so blessed that they don’t and they even mentioned that we didn’t have to get them anything because we bless them all year.

    I try to keep it simple too with one goodie a week. This year we are going to try peppermint bark and fudge. Can you believe I have never made either one?

    And yes, we love the music and decorations. I have made it a point to buy something each year that has to do with Christ to add to my CHRISTmas decorations. A few years back I realized I didn’t have much besides the nativity.

    The kids enjoy picking out a toy each for Toys for Tots and this year we participated in the Samaritan Purse’s Shoe box ministry. The kids enjoyed that a lot.

    Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.

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