just to say ‘hello’

Hi my dear friends and family,

oh how I have so much I want to blog about!  but life keeps on going, oh my.  thus I haven’t got a rhythm for blogging down.

I want to continue my “making a house a home” series…

I want to show you my new dining table (oh.my.yes!)…

I want to share our daily fun Christmas activities that began this week…

I want to confess my “takin’ care of mama” struggles…

I want to give an update on some of our friends (new ones from Italy, old ones preparing to move to Mexico, and soon-to-be neighbors from Korea).  *please tell me how learning French helps us with any of this? lol

I want to update you on my job, of sorts.

I want to write a post about gifts & giving during this season.

so, today

we did our science co op this morning,
where Bryson finally learned how to write the letter B.
I went stocking-stuffer shopping this afternoon.
This evening TJ helped me do a ridiculous amount of laundry at the laundromat,
while Katie made amazing chewy coconut cookies all.on.her.own.
and now I am pulling up my plans for tomorrows activities;
work, school, preschool, visit a friend, then Wed. night church.

I promise to come back soon….

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