Our Life in November~

Preschool friends~

Being creative~

Pulling out all our favorite building materials~

Preschool has been hit or miss this month due to many circumstances. 
Illnesses, schedule changes, etc…
December will be a fun month to work out the crinkles.

Enjoying muscles~ (ew)

All 15 lbs of them~  thanks to adopted big kid Preston.

Still enjoying Preston being a part of our family.  
And with Nick working too, I have entered a new era in my homemaker career;
4 men + dirty jobs = lots of laundry!
I’ve opted to do towels and jeans at the laundry mat once a week.
It’s cheaper in the long run and saves me time…
but don’t worry, I am not slacking…
still doing 2 or 3 loads a day of the rest of the stuff.

and thus you gasp, roll your eyes, and yell that they can do it themselves;
why yes, they could, but I don’t mind blessing them with this small part of their lives.

Friends (from our science co op) making cards for their newly arriving sister~

I think after having 3 brothers, this little lady is relieved to have a sister.  =)

It was fun to have these 4 sibling over for the day while their sweet mama was having a baby.
The house was a bit messy by the time we were done, but we had a great time!

I also was able to bless this family by swinging by and helping her catch up on some housework.  Let’s face it, a bunch of littles and a newborn, who could keep up?    I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I think the mama is very grateful anyways.

This would be a ‘cookie’ makin’ day~

Looks as if Bryson scored big on the cookie dough…

while the oldest 3 sons hang out in the kitchen.

Lots of Sunday afternoons kicking back,
enjoying the spread of food and hanging out together!

The Seahawks are having a mediocre year, but that’s where you can find the real fans through the fair-weathered ones…

GO `hawks!

Let’s see…

What else was happening this month?

No takin’ care of mama (yes, i admit it)
Fred, on the other hand, is rocking his health journey!

Katie began tap dance lessons.
She is so long and leggy, they loved her.

Nick has opted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and is looking into the apprenticeship for sprinkler fitters.  Still putting out the energy for his current job (working on tires for big rigs), but is eager to start on this new path.

Speaking of apprenticeships, Joe is officially a journeyman now.

and speaking of Joe… I get to go with his fiance to see the wedding dresses she has picked out to try on.  yay me!

TJ has not been going to Krav Maga because Dad threw out his shoulder (thus his health journey), but has been sneaking out to the garage to work out.  I think he is interested in soccer next fall.  I look forward to that; miss them soccer days!

Still looking into foster care.  I think some of the things promoted ‘in the system’ are some things we can’t pretend to agree with.   We have to stay true to who God wants us to be, so we will trust the process.  If it is His will, then they (the government) will accept us as we are.  It’s some tough stuff to want to reach out and help kids, yet work alongside a government you don’t have trust in (is that too honest?).

Working part time… but more about that later…

Went Black Friday shopping!  I went 2 other times in my lifetime and hated it.  This time was great!  Everyone else shopped all night, so when the morning deals were on, where I chose to go was fabulous.  Got most of our shopping done!  phew!

Started watching Extreme Couponing… so cool, but crazy!    Husband thinks it sounds fabulous (save $$$, woo hoo-can’t blame him, lol), but I see it as a compulsive time consuming somewhat hoarding habit.  What do you think?

So how did your November to?

2 thoughts on “Our Life in November~

  1. Great to see you all today!

    Had to make a stop on the way home . . and finally pulled into the driveway at 12:30 am. (I drove the last 3 1/2 hours, so this Mama is tired.)

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Laurel 🙂

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