Our Hair Hobby continues…

The Princess Do~ on Katie-girl

Classic Bun~ on mom

The Star~ on Katie-girl (thank you neighbor lady)

French Ponytail~ on mom

Katie’s *do-it-yourself do*.  =)

You can view other ones here:  Summer Hobby

3 thoughts on “Our Hair Hobby continues…

  1. Hello Sheri! I have been reading your blog here and there as a result of your many insightful answers on the RC group. Also Kaiya (Katie’s penpal) is my daughter and I’ve wanted to introduce myself for some time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we moved recently to a different province so I will have to get Kaiya to write this week to Katie and fill her in. Thanks for your blog, inspiring but it always makes me wonder how you do it all!!!

    1. by God’s grace alone, lol. A good attitude helps too *wink*
      Katie loves writing to Kaiya! She has already been writing to a new address; did you guys move again? I’m so glad you let the girls penpal! =)

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