Thanksgiving Traditions

Every Thanksgiving we pile on a couch and get our family picture taken. 

It’s never quite planned.
Never fancy or dressy.
Just us, as is.
and that’s the way we like it.

Photo: (left to right)
Amber (Joe’s fiance), Joe 23, Andrew 7, Dad, Bryson 4, Mom, Nick 19, Katie 11, TJ 15.

We have always had Thanksgiving at someone else’s house.  I am not a cook.  I prefer to be the helper, or the part of the clean up crew.  We’ve enjoyed having Thanksgiving at Fred’s Dad’s house for many years now.  This year there has been job changes for them and their house is going on the market, thus this year things would be different.

The day started with the guys going to our annual small town Turkey Bowl.
Funny enough, I did not get pictures of their muddy selves.
Adopted Big Kids, Justin & Preston joined the fun too!
Joe was smart and opted out due to some shoulder and knee issues.
Every year Fred and Nick take turns with injuring themselves
2008  Fred- dislocated shoulder
2009  Nick- pulled groin muscle
2010  Fred- dislocated jaw, concussion.
21011 Nick- hairline fractured foot
I am relieved to say that no major injuries were inflicted this year.
Yes, everyone is walking around the house like they were hit by a train,
but overall, I am one happy mama.

Everyone came to my house for the Thanksgiving feast.
(did I mention I don’t cook?  umm, yeah…).

Thankfully, dinner became a team effort!

Fred went out and bought a turkey fryer!

and how many “Freds” does it take to fry a turkey?
Hey, atleast they were keeping an eye on it, right?
btw… the turkey was soooo fabulous!  Yum!

My brother-in-law cooked a ham and twice-baked potatoes;
my sister made 7 layer bars, and helped make the green bean casserole and fruit salad;
my mom helped me with a family-favorite stuffing recipe;
My neighbor made us vegan stuffing;
I made (s)mashed potatoes, corn dip, & a 2nd fruit salad;
Katie-girl made no-bake cookies;
Amber made amazing peanut butter cookies.
Justin’s mom made us some homemade pumpkin pies.

All-in-all we had a fine feast!

I was so grateful to have our home filled with people I love.

We watched football.

We played musical seats;
Not sure who looks scarier here,
Joe looking like a criminal,
or TJ acting like a criminal.  =)
Amber looks scared, eh?  *smile*

This looks a bit better, eh?

Some of the kids…


…hide-n-go seek.

Others played video games.

Here is my sister’s family;
Dakota 13, Chris, Nathaniel 10, Janelle, Trenton 11

Sisters, 11 yrs apart and the best of friends.
I started raising kids 11 years before her
and will be raising my last child 6 yrs after her youngest is grown.
Crazy huh? *wink*

Our Thankful List…
can’t forget about this!
Random answers, eh?
Don’t ask me who wrote what,
I know Justin put down Lava (because he’s strange like that, lol)
and Andrew put his buddy Dustin on there,
and Bryson listed his preschool pal Shelbee.
i can even guess that Nick wrote ‘my girlfriend’ (cuz that’s a bit obvious ;^)
the rest, well, are thankfulness at its finest.

Our day went well,

For this day, I am so grateful for…
my family to be all together
my sister’s family
Fred’s dad and younger sister
Grandma M got along with everyone (cept me)
football (yes, i love football)
nice neighbors
great dessert
clean bathrooms
coffee AND diet coke *gasp, sputter*
great conversations
Christ’s amazing love for us all~

What are you thankful of for today?

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