Thankful Giving

To give of one’s time has got to be the best gift ever.

We can give to Compassion.

We can give to Operation Christmas Child.

We can give to the benevolent fund at our church.

We can give  to the food bank.

We can give to Missions.

All those take hard work because it is money out of our finances for things we strongly believe in supporting.  It looks like a lot, and for us it is.   Yet I have to wonder if the bigger sacrifice in giving is of our time?

I give of my time to do preschool.  As much as I know it blesses others (the mom’s as well as the kids), I honestly enjoy what I do, so it is not a sacrifice.

What can we do to offer our services?  to give of our time?  With the economy the way it is, giving monetary is not always an option.    Do you have any skills that you are willing to share?

For us it is as simple as:

Raking leaves anonymously for a cranky neighbor.

Babysitting for free (i got myself some mad skill for this one, lol)

Cleaning house for a mom of many to prepare for the holidays.

Helping someone unload their grocery cart to their car.

Going to tea with a friend who needs a listening ear.

ok, so this sounds simple, but really,
if you say you’re going to pray for someone,
then really we need to commit the time to do it, right?

Thankful giving comes when we are grateful for what we can do for others.

What are you willing to do?

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