21 Years of Marital Grace

We are not perfect.

We have had our fair share of ups and downs.

We married young, and needed much forgiveness from each other while we matured.

We stuck through good times and bad.

We’ve journeyed through sickness and health, and a few pregnancies along the way.  ;^)

We’ve been rich in Christ and poor has never broken us.
Admittedly, we are comfortable enough within this weak economy,
8 yrs after our own personal economic crash.  God is good.

My husband loves me,
I cherish him,
and we both have heart to obey Christ’s will in our lives.

For those whom don’t know us well, feel free to read my secret treasure post, to better understand our date this night.  Please understand that when I wrote that post I was a full time caregiver to my dear m.i.l. on top of all else that I was doing, thus my burned out attitude.  But I still saw my treasure through the mist.

So when my husband calls me up at the beginning of this week to ask me out to dinner, I thought he was joking.  Especially when he told me where we were going!   Not only to the big city, but to a nice French restaurant?!  But he was serious, and I am never past being stunned surprised.

My dear neighbor insisted I wear a dress (really?) and do my hair (apparently ponytails aren’t chic).  I didn’t have much choice when she shows up at my door with an arm full of clothes on hangers.  Skirts, shirts, and sweaters to mix and match however I chose… that was kind of nice.  Good golly, I even painted my nails!  If dear husband was willing to shave, then I guess it was worth all the fuss.  *wink*

Note to self: 
looking pretty takes lots of work,
feeling pretty only takes an “I love you” from my husband.

Great drive to town the big city.  Time to talk, and listen.

Dinner was fabulous.

We tried Frog Legs.  It was interesting… waayyy bigger than I thought they would be!  Looked like chicken, tasted like fish.

There was a quaint live band, nice lighting, and great service.

I ate his pommes frites (french fries of sorts), and we shared Creme Brulee.

It was an added bonus that our oldest son and his fiance watched Andrew and Katie, and Nick took wild Bryson out for a bit.  To know our kids can look out for each other is a beautiful thing!

We wrapped up our evening by going grocery shopping in our wee town before heading home.  Sound cheesy, yes?  But I loved having some more quiet time with this man of mine before we headed home!  *smile*

Thank you my dearest Fred,
The heart you have for our family and for Christ surpasses any gift you could ever buy!
You make my day simply by coming home to me,
and I treasure spending another 21 yrs with you~
I love you forever & always,
your wife.

3 thoughts on “21 Years of Marital Grace

  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Sweet Friend!

    Do you have pictures of the dress you wore? I’m sure you were BEAUTIFUL, which you are even without a dress, and fancy hairdo, and painted nails. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you this week. Woo Hoo! So happy that our sweet husbands get to finally meet, too.

    Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving!

    Laurel 🙂

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