Making a House a Home~ our school room

We’ve had big houses and small houses, but I always find an “area” to call our school room.
As much as I love using our school room,
school does not always stay contained within those four walls;
*the living room is great for gathering together to watch educational shows.*the parents room is a great getaway place to concentrate. 
*outside has got to be one of our favorite spots~ weather permitting. 
*to simply sit on the stairs to read about nature while viewing the outside is encouraged.

This is our view from the entry way (as I stand by the pile of shoes).
I *love* my desk that I found at a garage sale last summer.
My absolute favorite teacher item.

Here is a closer look at our books.  Admittedly I have many more books shelves throughout the house, but these are our favorite school books.  Many were gifted to us.  The handful in the top left cubby are ones I “made” using the Robinson Curriculum discs.  Now I know how “Never judge a book by its cover'” is intended.  These books have great content, some of them are quite priceless, like learning so much more about the Life of George Washington (than I ever did in public school).

Here is the stair-side wall.
Again, the piano was gifted to us,
and is probably Katie’s favorite school item.  =)
We are to have a brilliant young lady come to our house for Katie’s piano lessons.

Another closer look at the bookcase full of learning.

Our final wall.  (I could not get good lighting for this pic).
The left is our state & world map,
along with our compassion kids seasonal display.
This helps us stay focused on praying for them.

The ‘pet’ center is on top of our workbox drawers.
and the easel is used

Many folks want a closer look at how we keep our schoolwork organized.  Let’s face it, paperwork and supplies for 4 of my own students (plus the 3 students we add to our day) can make for a chaotic paper trail.  My kids just simply work down the list of drawers/subjects.

This corner is where we stash many of our preschool activities for our learning trays.

Our school room is most commonly used for preschool (10 a.m.),
Andrew’s Learning Lesson’s (11 a.m.),
and for our group studies; aka ‘power hour’ for the older kids (1 p.m.)

It is also endlessly used as a craft & activity place!

Who needs a fancy dining area when there is learning to be had… right!?

Whether you homeschool or not, where would your favorite place be in your home to study?

9 thoughts on “Making a House a Home~ our school room

  1. When we moved to Hawaii we picked up the habit of eating all our meals out on the lanai which freed up the dining area to be our “school room” but our boys favorite place to do school is still outside: on the beach, under a banyan tree or swinging in a hammock.

  2. Our “school room” is one shelf in our linen closet (the only storage closet in our home so it has all the cleaning supplies, iron & ironing board, table linens, bed linens, etc.). I would love to figure out a way to tuck a school space in our family room, my husband and I have been brainstorming on that one. When we bought our home, the realtor kept asking if we were sure it was big enough for our (then) family of six. It was so much bigger than our previous home we were certain! Our family has grown and we removed our children from public school so now I wonder ;-).

    In the spring my husband will go from working 60-80 hours a week and back down to a reasonable 40-50 so he will have time to build the needed shelves. It’s a very small room so I will need the winter to figure it all out…my pregnancy muddled brain isn’t very good at solving the puzzle of furniture configuration.

    Looking at your space is very motivating, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your school room!

    We have a school room / office / workout room (mama’s treadmill) / scrapbooking room. Yep. It is FULL to the brim . . . but workable.

    Sarah (13) and Josiah (12) sit at the School Room Table.

    Elijah (10) loves to cuddle on the couch for all of his history and literature, and then he wants to be right next to me at the dining room table for his math and grammar.

    Hosanna (16) spends most of her day on the floor in the entryway by the front door. Seriously?!?! I think it’s kind of odd . . . but whatever works for her, right? It’s away from the other kids. She has her own little bookshelf in the corner. And, it works. (I do ask her to sit at the dining table to write her composition assignments.)

    Mama has a desktop computer in the school room / office, but find I do most of my “work” at the dining table while helping Elijah with his math and grammar.

    Hugs to you, My Friend!

    Laurel 🙂

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