Making a House a Home~ entryway

Because, let’s face it,
when reaching out to care, share, and nurture others while telling our own story,
we are curious to know how others live?

Kathi, at A Heart Like Water, has recently moved and I asked her to do a walk through of her home.  This is something she has done so beautifully before.  Well, she was willing, and challenged me to do the same…


WELCOME to my HOME~ the Entryway

Amazingly, there are no cars in front of our home during the day.  Just 6 months ago, we had a ridiculous amount of cars congesting our driveway.  We are now down to 4 vehicles; which isn’t bad for 5 drivers in the house, eh?

By the way, we are the only house in the neighborhood that consistently has toys (and such) laying about.  I know we drive a few folks crazy ’round here, but that’s how we roll.  *smile*

This is the very first view you catch upon opening the door.
Lovely, eh, as the kitchen table is in full view… always.

Now moving on to our left view…

Why yes, that would be our school room.
Just call me crazy; kitchen table and the school room greet every visitor that stops by.
It is not always pretty… when you think about how many SHOES 9 people have.

This pile is common, although each person is assigned a “shoe cubby”

And this is as good as it gets!

So kick off your shoes, and come for a visit,

I *love* company!  and if you got kids, bring them along.

4 thoughts on “Making a House a Home~ entryway

  1. you home is lovely; I am amazed at how clean you always have it with so many people living there. mine is not so clean, and we have about half the people here. buh.

    1. 3 kids under age 5 gives you grace my friend. *wink*
      and no, my house is not always clean, specially on sunday mornings and our science co op morning when rush to get out the door is our only focus, lol.

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