Week 12 Wrap up~ L.I.F.E. Academy

Can I admit I wasn’t sure what week we were on?  We had fun in October, but it definitely had an unschooling flair to it.  We vacationed one week and our homeschool buddies vacationed another week, yet we all definitely had our share of learning time.

Although I love to outline our monthly goals for the month, I do want to be realistic in letting you know that what I “plan” and what we “do” don’t always match up.  Life tends to lead us to rabbit trails of learning, thus the purpose of  ‘weekly wrap ups”.


As shared in a previous post, we ventured out for our nature walk.  Seems that autumn came late, yet is quickly passing us by.  I hope the leaves stick around long enough for us to observe the leaves and seedlings so that we can identify the deciduous trees before they are all bare.  Wanting to test our memories in the spring when they sprout new leaves again!

We also learned about the 7 main types of biomes (habitats)

Poetry– The Persona Poem

Dog, why do you bark at people like that? ~Katie
Fish, don’t you wish you were smarter? ~TJ
Ladybugs, why do you wear spots? ~ Shane

As you can see, we didn’t get pass the one liners.  =)

Dear husband also read parts of Tell Tale Heart to our children by Edgar Allan Poe.
Andrew seems to be interested in “scary” stories, in which this seems to be a bit goth-like (eh?), but with creepy eyes and the character trying to claim he isn’t a madman, it definitely is on the scary side.  Reading up on it from wikipedia makes it seem not so age appropriate, but the way my husband read (and explained) it to the children, it was more of a character lesson.  That bad intentions and deeds lead to crazy and guilt-filled thinking.  Basically, God gives us a conscience for a reason.


Our History Character of the week:  Charlemagne

Constitution:  the Preamble


European waters


Nouns- abstract vs common
Adjective- intro
Reviewing Quotations.


Verbs- banning boring verbs  (IEW)
Discussed beginning our NaNoWriMo project.
Summarized Belling the Cat.


All about atoms; neutrons, electrons, & protons.

Element of the week; Hydrogen

So, we had fun with our experiment, but truly it was a bomb, er, not so bomb like, lol.  We tried creating “elephant toothpaste”!  It was suppose to bubble out all cool and thick-like…

Ours?  was more like a bubbling wimpy volcano.

Need much stronger hydrogen peroxide than I had on hand.

but, hey, the littles had fun sitting in on the experiment too.

Overall, we had a full week of activities and it was nice to get back into the routine of things.

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