The Great Commission

Go and make disciples of all nations…

What does this mean to you?

This is exactly what this family asked us:

What does the great commission mean to us?

and more importantly, what role do we play in that commission?

This family is one that we hold dear to our hearts.  They have been a close part of our lives for
Here is a post that I wrote about Angie (the mom) a few years back when I first started my bloggy journey.
My Friend

They are from a family of mission-minded folks.   Parents, siblings, cousins… many serve, long or short term, to spread the gospel of Good News.  Each person plays a different role in missions, but all have the heart for Latin America.   Much of their family serves in our wee community.   We knew this extended family years before they began a church plant here… they saw a calling, and listened.

Branches Church

Although our family goes to a different church, we have walked alongside this family in many community outreaches.  Our oldest son, Joe, serves on the youth ministry team; speaking (aka preaching), doing sound, or playing his bass.

Many members of this family serve in Latin America:
*3 week mission trips to build actual church buildings
(Joe went on one of these as a teen)
* summer trips for door-to-door evangelism
*moving down there to minister full time as a Sunday School curriculum distributor (develops and provides)

So it is with my friends, that they too have a heart for this place.  

Feel free to read about their hearts to live out the Great Commission.

J.A.M.A. Ministries

Admittedly, as much as I am excited about their new adventure, it will be hard to let them go.  Not only is Angie a great friend, but her oldest daughter is Katie’s BFF and her youngest daughter is Andrew’s BFF.  I thought it was hard enough when we had moved out of state for a couple of years… now here they go off to move to another country!    oh my!  *smile*

And so it is with the question…

What does the great commission mean to us?

and more importantly, what role do we play in that commission?

First of all, what is a disciple?

A follower of Christ.

to me, this is someone who knows what they believe and why…
someone who walks the talk of Good News…
someone who not only reads the Word, but also believes the Word…
and most importantly, as Jesus’ says it best
“All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another”.

So how do we fill the Great Commission?

not everyone can go out to all the world, but we can support people that are.

We can (and will) support my friends, both in prayer and in finances.

But it doesn’t stop there…

We can (and do) fund Compassion kids.
After much prayer over the summer, we have sponsored 3 friends in Haiti.
We display their pictures in our seasonal corner,
where we can be reminded to keep them in prayer.

We can (and will) help with Operation Christmas Child.
Not only by filling these boxes with love to a child in need of hope,
but also by helping get those boxes (and many others) onto trucks to ship them out.

We also support other things as well.
Fred has a desire to help You Can Run, but You Cannot Hide International.
I favor to assist our local Crisis Pregnancy Center,
whether by small donations or by simple service of supporting their fund raising events.

One thing to remember is that not all things are out of reach;
we do not need to go to all nations as some of us are called to this nation.

Visit a widow.
Participate in a food drive.
Feed the homeless.
Foster a child.
Care for the hurting.
Love the unloved.
Interact with teens.
Reach out to the unbeliever.

and with election time drawing near,

Pray for our country!
Pray for our leaders!
Pray for our future generations!

and God-willing, go and make disciples of this nation too.

2 thoughts on “The Great Commission

  1. Thanks Sheri! God has asked everyone to do their part! Finding that part sometimes is more difficult for some than others. I encourage everyone to ask God and wait for the answer. Not everyone gets the opportunity to move to another country but we do! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful caring friend who is always there for me to laugh with, to cry with and sometimes just sit! You are gracious and kind and I love you so much. I am going to miss you more than I can put words to!

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