Katie-girl turns 11 today.

Nick decorated the cakes…

The guys watched football…

While the kids decorated aprons…

The girls made no-bake cookies.
*This is Andrew’s BFF; isn’t she a doll?ย  I think she owns a piece of my heart.

Then the little cooks baked homemade pizzas.

Followed by gifts, cake, and …. candles?
*yeah, yeah, I am always busted for our make-shift ideas,
but hey, if you ain’t got candles, 2 matches look like #11, right?

We had the most fabulous day!

Happy Birthday Katie-girl!

I enjoy your creativity,
I appreciate your helpfulness,
I admire your zeal to learn,
I adore your darling personality,
I delight in the beautiful young lady you are becoming,
and I cherish having you for my daughter,
I love you~

7 thoughts on “Katie-girl turns 11 today.

  1. that looks like such a fun day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!! She is such a beautiful (inside and out), loving, thoughtful girl. May the Lord bless her this year and the many more to come.

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