Exploring Autumn~

Roses in October…

Leaves that have not began their transformation yet…

Chestnuts preparing for the fall…

Harvesting the grapes in our backyard…

Discovering a rather large pine cone in a yard with much need for moisture;
don’t worry parched soil, the rains are a comin’.

A random stalk of corn on the edge of the sidewalk…
am I the only one who finds this a bit odd?

really?  The Ice Cream Truck still doing routes in October?
The music that “followed” us through half our walk
was enough to drive me bonkers.  :^/

This wood carving seems more for fitting for fall, eh?

Horses!  now that’s always a hit on a nature walk.

and friendly horses at that!

Leave it to the boys to want to “touch” the electric fence;
not sure why TJ is trying to “listen” to it first?

my oh.so.brave son of questionable.acts.of.curiosity
only discovered that the electrical fence was indeed not on.

Oh, we mustn’t forget the common creatures of the season…

A fall nature exploration would not be complete without Woolly Bear’s!

Anyone know what type of tree this is?
They do not look like edible berries to me.

Not sure why I always find rocks fascinating, but I always do.
Maybe they remind me of people?
all of us similar, but unique in our own way.

One cannot wrap up an autumn nature walk
without the discovering of Queen Anne’s Lace,
possibly the most beautiful weed I have seen.

I am hoping our “November” nature walk will entail more autumn-like features
such as nuts and seeds and changing leaves!

Happy Fall ya’ all!

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