simply pondering…

I *love* homeschooling! 
I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to educate my own children. 

I like that my kids get along.
That, for the most part, they enjoy working alongside each other.

I *love* that  these kids encourage one another.
I like that TJ steps up to help,
not that he has to, but because he wants to.

I *love* neighbors who join in on the fun.
I like having another mom to bounce ideas/talents/skills with.

I *love* my precocious daughter.
I like that she is self-motivated to learn,
even if that means dragging me to the library at the most inopportune time.

I *love* that Bryson is exploring new things to do.
I like that we have fazed out of the meltdown stage,
and that life is becoming more peaceful.

I *love* being as-is.
I like that we can drop everything
and go for a walk when we like.
~like Bryson’s pajama’s? *smile*
and why am I always frowning??
Don’t I look grouchy?  I wasn’t.

I *love* that my days have slowed down. 
I like that I have the flexibility to take the time to ponder things.
We have spent the last week  ‘unschooling’.
That is, letting the kids learn random things as per their interest. They are still learning, so yes, it counts as school still.

some of the learning applied this past week…

math lessons all week, just because.
watched a documentary on insects.
fitness training
read a health book for fun
learned how to make deviled eggs.
discussed politics, abortion, and religion.
played scrabble, taught Andrew Yahtzee.
life skills ie washed windows, cupboards, & cleared dust bunnies.
learning about the main stories in each of the books of the Bible-
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy so far…
reviewed some old French lessons.
Made paper beads.

Next week our neighbors are on vacation,
so we will still be somewhat flexible
but I plan to get back to our normal routine.
hmmm, and maybe start some holiday planning~

2 thoughts on “Random…Thoughts

  1. you are such a great mom. your kids are wonderful. and I just love hearing about what you are up to. I may not do the same, but it gives me hope and reminds me of the joy I have in my kids, when I read these. what day can we do something with you? the only thing we have planned is bible study on wednesday morning. other than that, we are free. is there a time we can join you for something, even if it’s school. 🙂

    1. Cassie, I would love to see you. You and your family make me smile; you give me a sense of nostalgia as I remember my earlier days of “3 boys”. It is such a precious season to be in, even beyond the chaotic days *wink*, and it will pass quickly. Let’s get together this week as I would love to treasure these days alongside you….
      (((hugs))) Sheri

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