L.I.F.E. Academy~ October goals

Autumn is under way;
warm days,
cool nights,
treasures unfold.

We are establishing our new normal this month.  Grandma M’s care established our days for quite some time.  School, although outlined, was often worked around her needs.  All the kids did great with being a part of it all.  Katie often kept an eye on the kitchen and helped encouraged Grandma as needed.  TJ was always available to get the TV set up for her.  Andrew would let me know if she was headed out on a walk (around the block, thankfully).  Bryson began to gain an understanding of her oddities and developed a compassion for her.

All things that created character in my children, and myself.

Then there were those things that got overlooked. 

Can I admit that I don’t know how often my children have brushed their teeth in the past year?

or that chores were done mostly by me because it was just easier to *get it done* than to establish work standards in my children?

or that preschool hasn’t been up to a quality standard (ie my standard) for quite some time?

or that I didn’t get quality sleep for months because I held those late night quiet hours a little too preciously?

or that I probably spent far too much time on the computer as an escape; a sanity of sorts.

Goals are set.

We are approaching an attitude of excellence.

To excel… to do or be better than we thought we could be.
To surpass… to give a quality performance in all we do.
To exceed…  to go past expectation.
To transcend… to rise above, and go beyond.

This applies to all that we do;
school work
our attitudes
our walk with Christ

Getting back to the basics… again.

Our schedule will not look much different, but we will be settling into our RC (Robinson Curriculum) routine.
The older kids will be “self-propelled“; that is…
to expend energy to learn independently to a mastery level“.
~Joanne Calderwood, The Self-Propelled Advantage.

October will be spent implementing our new found approach to excellence…
and attitude will be everything.

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