Rest, Relaxation, and Beach Bliss~ part 2

Sometimes God puts people in our lives to encourage us…

Sometimes we are meant to encourage others…

I am lucky enough to have found a fellow bloggy friend who was willing to be my real life friend…

Mama D has been a great example of a Titus 2 woman~
mind you that she is only a couple of years ahead of me in age,
but years ahead of me in marriage, homeschooling, and ministry.

I do believe she found me,
showed up with kind words on my old blog,
encouraging me in my transition with ‘the move‘.

She has twice as many kids as I do (literally),
has homeschooled twice as long as I have,
and we both had husbands working out of town for a season,
and she was during that time!

This is the same fabulous lady who has encouraged me with the “Takin’ Care of Mama” series~

Mama D has hit some hard times is the past few years~ some really hard stuff indeed~ and yet she continues to trust in God, love on others, to be strong and courageous…

Please feel free to read her story, to encourage her, and most importantly, pray for her and her family!

Beach Blessings

Two families blessed with a much needed getaway~

different circumstances, same rest and relaxation!

(a big thank you DT & Leola; I love you two!)

Yay, the friends finally arrive.
This is the first time the kids have met,
yet it took no time to get out and playing!

Hmmm, wonder what’s going on over there…

ba-ha, leave it to homeschool kids to inspect the bug on the road.  *cheesy grin*

Out on the beach…
the boys played some football…

played in the water…


tossed frisbees; flew stunt kites…

and played some more football.

The girls, however,

played hand-clapping games…

looked for seashells…

and joined the boys to play in the sand.

The mama’s enjoyed the view…

while in awe of such beauty. 

It is October, right?

We are in the Pacific North West?

Indeed a gift from God.

Thank you for joining us Diacogiannis family~
We had a fabulous time visiting with you!

And a special shout out to my dear husband for taking the time off work so we could do all this.

Thank you for …
the laughter,
taffy treats,
card tricks,
the crab dinner,
the kite flying lessons,
the phone charger =),
the back of the pick-up bed rides,
the let’s play football fun,
the willingness to sleep on the couch when needed,
let the ladies hide out in the car on the shore to chat *smile*,
hunting shells and flat rocks with me,
and overall, letting us all have an amazing time!

~I love you~

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