Rest, Relaxation, and Beach Bliss~ part 1

October in the northwest?

Surprisingly sunny and somewhat warm!

Our trip to the beach house~

My dear cousin (DT) and his lovely wife (Leola) not only let us use their beach house, but drove all the way over to get the hot tub set up for us.  I had the most fabulous walk along the shore with Leola.  She is one of those people who make my heart smile.  She has gone the homeschool journey before me, and knows how to calm my busy mind.  On this day, she helped me to slow down, embrace the beauty of the day, to remember how to just ‘be’.

Here was the view the first night while some of us enjoyed the hot tub ~
the sky was beautiful, and beyond the houses is the water…somewhere.

Day 2

Although it was fairly warm, the breeze was a bit strong, so we opted for ear muffs and beanies to protect our ears.

The kids had a great time running with the waves.

Water…sand… it was all fun!

The upside to all this is that we all went to bed early!
I can’t remember the last time I had this much sleep!

Day 3~

Bryson learns how to play checkers…sort of.

We are having some down time at the beach house…


We are patiently waiting for some new friends to join us…


soon the kids began to goof around with the camera…

I call this Bryson’s “Popeye” look with that one squinty eye…

Still waiting for our friends yet…
but having plenty of fun just being silly.

One thought on “Rest, Relaxation, and Beach Bliss~ part 1

  1. Awe, you’re so sweet. You make my heart smile, too! I was so glad you weren’t tortured too much by our long walk in the sand. *wink I love you, too!

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