Fall~ a season of changes



Crisp air, colorful leaves, more spiders…

Ah yes, the beauty of Autumn.

I use to not particularly care for fall.

It meant change, so I would glue my eyes towards what was to be…

while I was young I learned to be prepared, to over plan,
to compulsively focus on the destination of the next journey…

God, in His grace, has spent years working on me,
to be still,
to know He is God,
to trust that He will do a good work in me.

I’ve spent the last year embracing the journey,
following this path God has me on,
going around bends, through the bumps,

as God paves the way for me and my family.

To grow character, to develop patience,
to live compassion out loud, to trust in Him.

So, as things are changing around here,
I must remember to go slow and grasp the small still moments 
that seem to pass me by…

Grandma M

After some diligent work on the part of both her son and her daughter,
after recognizing that she requires more care than we can properly provide,
and wanting to respect that she just was not happy here,
we have found a place for her.

A memory care facility.

I must admit this comes with mixed emotions.
Excited to be released from such a high-maintenance responsibility,
but sad at the reality of the circumstance.

Sad at the realness of her diagnosis,
sad that my care wasn’t enough,
sad to not feel like we made a difference while we had a chance.

So as I feel a sense of relief in some ways,
our love and care for Grandma M continues,
just now in a different way.


Starting a new job on Monday.
A real job.
A really hard job, physically.

Praying for strength,
physically as well as spiritually.

Again, mixed emotions.

Excited to see him become the man he is,
and preparing myself that he will be moving out,
probably within this next year.


He has finished his apprenticeship program!  woot woot!
Passed the tests, accomplished all the hours needed,
He is officially a sprinkler-fitter journeyman like his dad.

A hard-working man, planning to get married next summer,
sharing God’s love and his knowledge of the Bible with others,
building relationships with his siblings, and preparing for the future,
all at the same time.   A great multi-tasker; like his dad.  =)


Just registered him with the school district as a homeschooler.  I had much to ponder, unlike with the other children.  I have a special child who requires a different approach.  I feel comfortable with that approach, yet on government required paperwork, it becomes interesting.  So… I’ve opted for Andrew to officially be a first grader.  It is where his learning level is, and it give us time to decide on our ‘testing’ approach.

As of now, I am working on a PDP, a privately developed plan, to provide to the state (if I were asked).  In our state, homeschool kids are required to take state tests in 3rd, 5th, 8th, & 10th grade to be available to provide to the state (if asked).  The PDP takes place of the standardized testing.  So, just as I have my kids test every year (for my own interest), I will develop a PDP each year for Andrew (for my own interest).

Home School

As much as I am thrilled that school is going well, I still ponder much.

Homeschool is such a beautiful thing;
learning, embracing, growing, preparing.
I love it all.
I truly believe there is not really a ‘wrong’ way to homeschool,
‘cept to do nothing at all.
Learning becomes a lifestyle, so living becomes learning.

I love the Robinson Curriculum because it promotes self-learning;
to think for yourself,
to be motivated by your own efforts,
to be problem solvers,
to become responsible and reliable.

Regardless of what my kids what to be when they grow up,
these are the character traits that I want my kids to have.

So I continue to ponder our days here…
and will be tweaking a few things in the next few weeks.

How is your changing season going?

5 thoughts on “Fall~ a season of changes

  1. Aw, sweetie… those boys, they are a growing up, aren’t they? (well, ALL of them are, I suppose). As for Grandma M., *trust me*, you made a difference, hon. I’ll have to get her address privately sometime, and pass it on to my little old folks.

  2. I love fall, but change is hard for me, too. The school year is going well, but I still question myself. Am I doing enough? Am I giving the preschoolers enough attention? Do my kids know I love them (even when I lose my patience)? Is there something I can change to make the day more smoothly for everyone? Should I add subjects, cut subjects???

    Today was a emotional day so you’re getting an emotional answer! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Kristin! You make me feel so much more normal now! I call it “ponder-itis” when we fret over all those little ( yet so big) aspects of parenting/homeschooling. “Be still and pray” is my mantra on those head-spinning thought-processing days… ;^) You are not alone *smile*

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