A Birthday of sorts…

What does one do for their birthday when they share it with a dear husband who shrugs off special occasions?

Why, plan a vacation of course!  I have a beautiful opportunity to use a beach house in Washington, much thanks goes to my dear cousin and his fabulous wife!  Interestingly enough, although I planned this well in advanced, plans got changed at the last minute.  *sigh*  It’s all good though because I was able to switch week ends and we are on again!  YAY!

So today is my birthday…

and it is my husbands birthday…

I am cleaning house (and blogging obviously, lol)…

and he is working on a car at his dad’s house.

My Katie-girl gave me this.  A lovely project she did during a craft-club with a dear friends.

“cute” Sherry (the neighbor) came over to give me (Sheri) prickly pear.
Hmmm, tried artichoke for my 40th birthday;
why not prickly pear for my 46th?  *cheesy grin*
Why yes, yes i am a picky eater who waits til mid-life to start trying interesting foods…

This same fabulous neighbor gave me flowers, and her sweet Shelbee made me a card.
Guess what?
My husband gets to take me to dinner tonight because they blessed us with a gift card!

And because I already know what a hidden treasure my husband is,
here is my message to him…

Dear Husband
I don’t need a box of chocolate,
or a bouquet of flowers,
nor an elegant party
or fancy presents,
skip the cake and ice cream.
Just tell me you love me…
and a simple back rub would rock my day!
with love,
~the wife ♥


6 thoughts on “A Birthday of sorts…

  1. Happy . . . Happy . . . Happy Birthday, Friend !!!

    Hope all of the plans work out to make next week even better than this week would have been. 🙂 Looking forward to BEACH TIME with you and the family.


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Sheri!!!!!! I woke up on my 40th birthday to a dying possum on my back porch next to the door. I wondered if that would be an omen as to how my year was going to go. My husband said to find out from the Chinese what “the year of the possum” meant. Hope your day was better!

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