Takin’ Care of Mama ~ what a pain

Everything seems to be a pain~

just sayin’

1)  A friend of mine (whom I now call my “bum bum buddy” thanks to the Brazilian butt lift work out) enjoys trying new work-outs on us.    Zumba, belly-dancing, some Beach Body 6 weeks (to torture), and yes, the Brazilian work out… I think she may be headed to Insanity, oh my.

2)  Gallstones:  yep, I do believe this is a problem.  i.am.not.happy.about.this.  😦

3)  The process of getting Grandma M placed in a care facility that can oversee her needs is painfully slow.  We are in ‘expedite’ mode, whatever that even means (?)    And overall this does not feel like a win/win situation; we are letting go and sad we couldn’t be of more help to her all at the same time.  We do recognize that she has way more needs than we can properly assist her with, but it is disheartening.  To shower her with kindness and unconditional love and yet it never is quite enough, ever~

~ then to realize just how Christ Jesus, with His perfect love, is commonly placed in people’s lives to accept and reject as they see fit ~ and in my frustrated moments and discouraging days I reflect on God’s love for us.  HE is enough for me.


“Takin’ care of  Mama” series encouraged by Mama D


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