L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 6

6 weeks into our school year and I think we finally found our rhythm.

No spectacular events of the week, but good ole consistency was our friend.   *smile*

We did, however, begin to incorporate sign language into our days thanks to the co-op we participate in, but I’ll share more about that later.


We were able to learn about the Minoans and their bull-leaping events.  It sounds crazier than the bull-riders that we love to watch in today’s times.

We also delved into Hammurabi’s near 300 code of laws that he established way back in ancient times.   Personally, I’d rather focus on the 10 commandments, they are much easier to keep track of!


Got our direct objects and compound direct objects understood and then took a couple of days to review contractions once again.  I like to cover that early on in the year as to not leave an excuse to not to use them properly in our writing.


We are now into a flow for writing.  I, for now, pick a topic that the kids need to write about and they continue all week to work on their papers.

M- brain drain (key word outline)
T- sloppy copy (rough draft)
W- back track (make it better- add an ~ly adverb & use strong verbs)
Th-goof proof (make corrections)
F- final frame *note~ we did not ever make it to the final draft this week.

Our topic this week was Zoology, in which they all used the word “study/studies/studied” too much.  That ended up being our biggest lesson in writing, to come up with alternative words for study as to not sound so repetitive.  They pulled it together well.


Intro to zoology.  ha, it is homeschool, right?   Let’s see, we began with the intentions of studying biology.  Then I opted to drop biology to embrace chemistry (due to our co-op that will focus on chemistry).  I then hummed and hawed because we have so much opportunity to embrace so many living things around us, thus I went back to biology with a focus on zoology for the better part of the year (or so I think at the moment, lol).  Admittedly, I do have a purpose to it all towards the end of the year, but I will save that info to share at a later time.


TJ has found a decent pace to work at.  However, Katie & Shane are not really putting in a strong effort, so I will be addressing that this week.  This is part of their independent study time that I prefer not to babysit over.  Just get ‘er dun, eh?

We also are doing some hands-on geometry throughout our weeks.  I began with them measuring the turtle tank;  perimeter, area, and volume of the tank.     Common sense, life skills, and fun… sounds like a win/win to me.


Egyptian Art~ We were able to observe frescoes, which is applying paint to plaster on walls.  Specifically we viewed bull-leaping wall murals.  Also was able to see what Hammurabi’s 7 ft monument of the code of laws actually looked like.

Bach~  We read a little more about Bach and listened to Brandenburg Concerto No 2

Poetry~  this week instead of creating our own poetry,  we discussed The Creation (All Things Bright and Beautiful) and will begin to memorize it next month.  We were able to recognize the rhythm of the stanzas as well.

So it was a bit interesting during our poetry time to view the different personalities that are in our little school room.
We have TJ, whom really does not care for writing, that had his poem all lined up and tidy.
Shane flew through it with lightening speed with minimal interest.
Then there was Katie, whom had curly-cue letters for the title, and unintentionally had her poem progressing at a slant for each line she copied.

Ah, yes, the beauty of variety displayed right in front of me.  I *heart* being an homeschooler!

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