September Goals~ L.I.F.E. Academy


I can’t believe a month of school has already passed by!
We had a great slow-n-steady approach, and all has gone quite smoothly.
Time to balance the rhythm of our days and get to know each others better,
and now we get to embrace our days to the fullest.


We begin our Egyptian studies~
this will include slavery, mummies, the exile, and pyramids!


Katie- Pippi Longstocking, Winter of the Red Snow.
Shane- Nate Saint- On a Wing and a Prayer, Eric Liddell- Something Greater Than Gold
TJ- Eric Liddell- Something Greater Than Gold, Robin Hood


The Solar System, Mummies, & observing Canadian Geese migration.
All things hydrogen, helium, & lithium.


Learn the difference between a direct object and a prepositional object.
All about verbs; past, present, & future tense, state of being, verb phrases, etc…


IEW/TWSS-Continue to use wisely use ~ly words to compliment their paragraphs.
Introducing strong verb usage while we are learning all about verbs.

Create Better Writers–  now that we have our outlines mastered, and the beginning of speech going, we will move onto to working on essays each week.  I use the following format:
Mon- brain drain (outline)
Tues- sloppy copy (rough draft)
Wed- back track (make it better, specifically focused on ~ly word and strong verbs)
Thurs- goof proof (make corrections ie punctuation & spelling)
Fri- Final Frame (publish & share)


Katie- basic math facts review; addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.
Shane- all about exponents.
TJ- roots and Pythagorean Theorem (aka working with right angles)

All the kids will be working on geometry equations related to pyramids~


Composer of the month- Bach
Instrument of the month- keyboards
Ancient Egyptian art


He is finally following a big kid pattern for lessons;

Reading– The Phonetic Reader is working out well for phonics and sight words.  His attention span is still short, but we are working on focus.

Writing– copywork, he will work up to 2 sentences this month.  Penmanship is not a strong trait (weak small motorskills) but his willingness is fabulous.  He has volunteered to write 2 letters to relatives this past month!

Arithmetic– He will begin Abeka Arithmetic 1.

Science–  I will read 20 min per day to Andrew from Christina Liberty Nature Reader (book 1), then we will spend time discussing the topic at hand.


All about Apples
Fire Safety
All about Nests

Anyone else looking forward to the changing season?  Overall, I find September to be beautiful, so we will be heading to the coast for a week at the end of the month.  We will share more of that adventure later…

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