Become Underwhelmed…

Can I just brag on a friend for a moment?

Joanne Calderwood

I came across her planners several years ago.  I was wanting a way to keep track of my children’s education when I came across Joanne’s site;  I still *love* the planners!  Of course, at this point, I only knew of Joanne’s great product, but didn’t pay much attention to the face behind the scene.

Later, as in a few years later, while researching the fantastic concept of ‘self-teaching’ I came across Joanne’s book “I’m the Mom, I Don’t Have to Know Calculus“.  I thought to myself, “fantastic; this lady has gone before me and is willing to share what she has found to be successful” and I became grateful.  I soon found her blog Homeschool Coach’s Weblog.

Then I discovered her yahoo group RaisingSL4Life.  This has been a great group to share, care, relate, and encourage with.

Joanne is also the one that led me to the Robinson Curriculum.  Granted that she, herself, does not promote any one curriculum, but her and her husband created a vocabulary program for Dr. Robinson.  This is where self-learning met with quality content for my family.  This is also around the time that I really began to get to know Joanne and her heart to help people.

On the flipside, Joanne, seemingly random (to me) began a blog about moms taking care of themselves.
Shoes2lose  I was the lucky winner of shoes in April (and still haven’t posted my shoes or my thanks!  *blush*)

My beloved Easy Spirit shoes that survived the cave adventure!

I love my shoes, and quite by coincidence, I was gifted money to get these shoes around the same time I began my Takin’ Care of Mama journey. Both pairs of shoes are holding up quite nicely for so much love going into them; zumba, hikes, walks, etc…

Our newest adventure with Joanne is her new program Virtual Language Alive!  This is a complete language arts program that the focus is on improving writing skills while enhancing vocabulary.  I am “testing” it out on my self-motivated-over-acheiving student first, before letting my other children take the course.  Katie-girl is only 5 weeks into this program and I have to simply say we LOVE it!  She tends to add a creative approach at times to her writing, but her skills are improving.  She can still be creative and apply Joanne’s teaching to her writing.  Joanne is nothing but amazingly encouraging too!  and truth be told, I am grateful for Katie-girl to get someone else’s perspective on her writing skills *no more eye-rolling at this mama, lol*  This has been well worth the investment!

Last but not least, her new book Self-Propelled Advantage just came out!  I think I might be first in line to get it!  ha ha, just kidding, but I am excited to get myself a copy!

Someday I dream to go to one of her SPA bootcamps!  She lives towards the east coast, and I near the west coast, so maybe someday we can meet in the middle?

This lady has been a fabulous mentor to me.  As busy as she is (and she is busy), she always finds time to relate with others, and she has the most amazing heart!

Hey Joanne, thanks for helping me become underwhelmedYou rock little lady!

2 thoughts on “Become Underwhelmed…

  1. AMEN!!! I love “Mrs. C”. You both have been so helpful as we have moved into the SL way of learning. Still difficult with special needs kids, but you guys have kept me encouraged and have given me great ideas! i hope we all can meet sometime!

  2. How is it that I have never heard of this woman (or her curriculums) before? I am definitely going to look her up.

    Thanks for sharing your resources.


    Laurel 🙂

    PS: HARD day today. Please keep our family in your prayers. (I know you do, but I am just losing hope on restoration of relationships.)

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