Flowing with the Changing Tide

Another season is upon us.

Some things are familiar but still different.

We are not moving (for those long-time followers who know we have moved 3 times in 3 years),
and I am so grateful to stay put for this season.

We are still homeschooling.  Let’s face it, it’s just who we are and how we live;
A lifestyle of sorts.

Our homeschooling days always seem to have their own flair each year;
this year includes our neighbors.

The ‘other’ mama, Sherry, has her own gifts to bring to the table.  She takes care of supplies, printing/binding, and adds a creativity for adventure to our days.

Her son, Shane, 8th grade, adds some liveliness to our classroom.  His personality fits between TJ’s self-reliant stability and Katie’s precocious enthusiasm.  He does his independent work at home in the mornings (read, write, and arithmetic) and joins us for group studies in the afternoon (history, science, and fine arts).

Her daughter, Shelbee, 3, plays well with my littles.  She joins us 3 days a week for Preschool hour in the mornings.    Although she is sweet and girly, she has a definite spark of rambunctiousness that keeps things entertaining.

Co-op Class:

Our Science co-op went well last year.  It was our first year up and running, and all went quite smoothly.
This year we want to add a 2nd class; such as sign language,  anatomy, and/or geography.
Maybe even start a Chess club?  Still working out the details, but either way, the kids will enjoy it!

Grandma M:

We are (still) working on finding a place for her to call home.  She won’t accept our place as home, and that’s ok.   We (the caregiver and ourselves) are trying to prepare her for what ‘having her own place’ will look like.  To help her realize that she can no longer live alone; that someone will have to be with her.  It does not have to be us, but it will still not be ‘the way things use to be’ that she desires.   I hope these changes happen soon for her as she continues to hate this circumstance and is becoming despondent.   In the meantime we just continue to love her and shower her with kindness best we can.  That becomes a mixed message for her as she is not receptive to my kindness when I am also the one ‘who tells her what to do’ ie change clothes, eat, etc…

The caregiver has been dropped down to 2 days a week, and the services will be dropped next month.  Please keep me (and Grandma M) in your prayers as I adjust to carrying the full load again.

We are proud to announce a new addition to the family:

It’s a boy!  and a grown one at that!  We were thinking about getting a puppy, until Preston asked to move in.  *wink*

This young man has a story, in and of himself, that I will share another time.  For now…

He graduated high school this past June, works full time, and will be beginning college soon.  Our families are good friends.  and someday in the future, Nick and Preston will be moving out together I am sure.  For now, this is a great way to see if they are compatible (don’t drive each other nuts) and gives Nick some time to find a consistent job (he’s been laid off twice now since the spring).

4 young men in the bonus room aka “man cave”, and I am hoping a lot of bonding, maturing, laughter, and God’s grace showers their hearts in this season.

Here are Preston’s roommates:  =)

TJ (15)- our thinker, always steps up to help out, plays video games when he can get away with it.
Nick (19)- looking for a job, enjoying time with his girlfriend before she leaves for college, pondering the future.
Joe (23)- just made it through his apprenticeship, now a journeyman;  plays preacher-man on the side. Getting married next summer…


So, I have officially placed Bryson and Andrew in a room with Katie.  Technically, it is still “Katie’s room, after all it has fairies and flowers as part of the wall decor, but the boys need a place too.  And with 10 people in this home, getting your own room (unless you are Grandma M) is not an option.   Our huge walk-in closet worked great as a room for Bryson, but we are now having to place more and more of Grandma M’s stuff (in bins) in our closet.  Yes, we already have a whole wall in the garage full of her things, now it is simply spilling into other places.  We try to keep her room as simple as possible for her.  Anyways, our new room arrangement is working out well.  The 1 little and the 2 middles seem to bed hop quite a bit, but I don’t really care.  The boys share a futon and Katie has a daybed.   One night Katie slept w/ Bryson and Andrew slept in Katie’s bed; last night all 3 of them slept in the futon…  most nights one (or two) of them ends up in our bed anyways.


anyone else have changes happening in their homes?

4 thoughts on “Flowing with the Changing Tide

  1. Ah, the tides… they never do stop changing, do they? Love you! (Tony is actually looking into moving into the *dorms* at Trinity. No, really.)

  2. you roll with it so well, and so do your kids! great job! praying for peace and placement for gma. hang in there family 🙂

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